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    end of the world clearout

    hi guys here are a few items surplus to requirements. (1) large piece of 6mm black supple leather six 3feet by 2 feet with about 8 inch square taken from two corners. lovely stuff £!5.oo posted and paypal fees covered. (2) ten cm zebra billy used but very very clean and mint condition £10...
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    how long

    hi guys am hoping a mod picks this up really. how long does it take the system to allow non basic stuff once full membership is paid. ive just renewed my membership and my mate is wanting to go full member any help much appreciated cheers guys
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    how long

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    Swap brand new acer ICONIA 7inch android tablet for francis barker m73 or m88.

    Hi guys i have up for swaps an acer iconia 7 inch android tablet. it is an unwanted gift and its brand new never been out the box/ never turned on or charged just as you would get if out of a shop. the sepcs writeen on the box are as follows.. android nvidia tegra 3 mobile processor with quad...
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    stuff i need to shift for stuff i need section 2

    (1) self cocking mini compound crossbow rifle type shoots pistol crossbow bolds its take down very compack and powerful.. NOW TRADED (2)very hard to find camo barnett black widow probably limited edition fitted with theraband tube bands superbly powerful. (3)black buffalo horn hunting...
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    wanted repro flintlock. copper or brass powder flask. brass tinderbox

    hi guys as the title suggests am still looking for colonial stuff really wanting powder or shot flask modern or oldish!!! the tinderbox is top priority brass or copper or even a powder horn with brass fittings. also wanting coleman sportster stove the latter item is for a mate of mine for...
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    items to go for items i need....

    hi guys. ive had a sort out of kit due to a need to lighten my carry load... there are still some items i need.. so here are the items im offering (1) dd multicam tarp brand new never used... (2) bahco laplander folding saw and hand made leather dangler sheath. saw has cut one branch in...
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    books books books winter reading or start your library...

    all prices include uk mainland postage and paypal fees by author ray mears bushcraft hardback £10.oo.sold wild food hardback £10.oo.sold goes walkabout hardback. £10.oo. real heroes of telemark. £8.oo.sold northern wilderness. £7.oo. sold bear grylls. born survivor softback £8.oo living wild...
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    msr dromedary 2/4/ or 6 litre wanted also kupilka cup wanted. and 10cm zebra billy

    as the title am wanting one of the above. have loads to offer in swaps. poncho flectarn. gerber suspention multitool brand new tent highlander jura2 stainless billy cans. brand new cast iron skillet 8 inch. set of 3 nice quality sharpening stones. only used once. set of 6 wood carver chisels...
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    barnett diablo or pro diablo

    as the title guys am wanting a barnett diablo or pro diablo slingshot.. failing that brass or aluminium milbro catapult or catapult frame any of the above but must be in first class condition.. in swaps i have a brand new 8 inch cast iron skillet. two nice stainless steel billy cans nice...
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    challenge (ish)

    hi guys my attempts at making things except micarta tend to be a bit crude but just last night i had the idea come to me. (no it wasnt the flux capacitor!!!) i really like stoves of all descriptions. but id really like something like one of the pocket stoves wood burner type thing or emberlit...
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    metal detector

    as the title says im looking for a metal detector prefer garrett ace but others are acceptable have loads of first class bushy stuff to swap any help guys...
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    wood clone blank

    as the title guys maker not important got loads to offer in swaps...why???
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    goatskin water bag multi fuel stove hunting catapult plus more

    Hi guys i have up for sale or swaps these items.
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    msr dromedary 2 or 4 litre

    hi guys ive just recently bought an ortlieb water bag. size 4 litre. its never had water in it basically cos i dont like the colour. its light blue... prefer black or dark greeen. anyway i would consider swapping it for one of the above in first class condition. but if water bags are not your...
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    goat skin water bag multifuel stove. catapult and pouches read on

    Hi guys i have up for swaps these items. Goatskin water bottle with fur on lol it has a plastic screw lid which is a double screw closure ie it has the main top and on that is another top which is a much smaller opening. veru bushy and traditional but not my type of thing more tempted to stroke...
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    and potential swaps. gransfors bruks small forest axe. enzo elva. flexi fuel stove

    hi guys needs must and kit alteration. brings these items to your attention. these are offered for sale primarily but may do swaps or px on the items you offer and im after... first up we have a gransfors bruks small forest axe. SOLD SOLD SOLD the second item is an enzo elva done in green...
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    the washing up???

    sooty pans and washing up. hi guys when ive been out and about i always end up with sooty pans etc so before i pack them i end up wahing them till they are soot free. so. who takes their stuff home sooted up.and if you dont does anyone know a way of getting soot off without having to go to the...
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    slow match

    hi guys does anyone know how to make slow matches what chemicals are used to keep them burning etc am going to try to make one but dont know where to start any help guys cheers...
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    samick SKB bow. backquiver 18 arrows arm guard. plus extras

    hi guy after much deliberation and thought ive decided that there are other things i need more than want. funds are low so it it has to go. this set up includes samick skb (short korean bow) draw weight is 45lbs at 28 inches ambidextrous and absolutely new mint condition also with this bow is a...