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  1. Chris the Cat

    Down bag for Scandi winter use, suggestions please

    As the title says. Happy with my Snugpak Antartica RE but thinking of making my first down purchase, main consideration being a reduction in weight and pack space. Can't break the bank on this so £200 is my upper limit. I have some experience in sub-zero camping so any user recommendations in...
  2. Chris the Cat

    Frontier Stove, does it have any competition in its price range?

    Following on from Rydergroves piece on his Frontier ( nice website sir! ) I got to thinking, is there anything out there that competes with it, in its class? Cheers. C
  3. Chris the Cat

    Mors and Ray.

    How comes Ray has never ( to my knowledge ) got together with Mors? Now there's a conversation around a campfire I would like to hear!
  4. Chris the Cat

    xylaria and Pine Tar soap

    Thought I would post in the Hygiene thread, am in dire need of my favorite pine tar soap!:) Anyone seen xylaria? Best. C
  5. Chris the Cat

    Cowboy Pork and Beans recipes

    Evening cats, I'm on the hunt for traditional cowboy,pioneer, pork and beans recipes. Anyone got a favorite? Many thanks. C
  6. Chris the Cat

    Stef Penny. Under a Pole Star

    Anyone read this yet? I loved her first book, The Tenderness of Wolves. Her second was ok, but didn't grip me in the same way, however this new book sounds right up my street, a return to the Boreal and frozen North. C
  7. Chris the Cat

    Bialadin Vapalux repairs, anyone offer that service?

    So cats. I have two of the above, ex military, that I would like to get working. As far as I can see, all parts are there, could be the jets are blocked? I just don't know . If I wasn't struggling with the stress of a divorce I would research the subject in detail and have a go. It's just that I...
  8. Chris the Cat

    Bepanthen for new tattoo ?

    A question for all you inked cats. What are your thoughts on Bepanthen for new work? Run out of my Tattoo Goo and getting a bit of Sailor Jerry work this arvo. Best. Cat.
  9. Chris the Cat

    WS Woodlore OR Skookum Bushtool OR WS Dartmoor Survival knife for Frost River Isle

    Royal. ( wouldn't all fit! ) So one of the above knives for a Isle Royale in very good condition. The Dartmoor is boxed with all accessories. Other two knives in very good condition. Cheers cats. C.
  10. Chris the Cat

    Light weight folding military cot beds, any recommendations?

    Cats, I am after a couple of light weight but sturdy folding cot beds. Bangs for bucks, thinking ex-military. Any ideas ?:) Thanks y'all. da C.
  11. Chris the Cat

    WS 'D' type survival knife dates.

    Now I know they started in the early 50's, but does anyone know what year? Or have any info on the evolution of the knife ( NOT talking about the later MOD knife) Mine carries the stock number 27C/2630 which puts it as the RAF survival knife. Anyone collect or have any interesting info they...
  12. Chris the Cat

    Wilderness Gathering. hope to see you there!

    Morning cats, I have not posted for sometime, BIG changes to my family life and a lot to process. However, I have just confirmed my place at this years WG, and am taking both of my children, my first as a single parent. I did, however, have to make a compromise to my teenage daughter and we are...
  13. Chris the Cat

    Knives 2014. Bristol knife show this Sunday

    Any BcUKers coming, do say hi!:) Working the door as usual. Best. C.
  14. Chris the Cat

    Which stove for a large Tentipi?

    Friends have just bought a large Tentipi and want to know what to start looking at re-stove. Frontier any good? Not my area, any advice would be great. Cheers. C.
  15. Chris the Cat

    Happy birthday Stuey!!

    Happy birthday mate. To one of o the best...:You_Rock_ Cx
  16. Chris the Cat

    Filson Double Tin Cloth trousers. 36" waist.

    The king of the longshots returns with a new impossible 'Wanted' Post! Best.:) Chris.
  17. Chris the Cat

    Any compy buffs out there? Need some help please, Google seach will not search!!

    Man, not sure I can get by without the G. search functio. Not sure what has happened, the kids messing maybe? Point is , I type what I want to search for in the Google UK box, It goes to the top left of the page as usual and offers suggestions as I type. When I finish and click on seach...
  18. Chris the Cat

    Mountain House meals. who do you use?

    After a few of these as back up for a trip next month. Who is good to buy them from? Always nice to have a recommendation! Cheers cats.:) da C.
  19. Chris the Cat

    LONGEST SHOT EVER ON BcUK !! Steger Mukluks, US 11

    Now if this is not the longest shot in BcUK 'Wanted ' history, I don't know what is!! BUT, as they say, you don't ask, you don't get! Folding cash waiting, but I aint holding my breath! Lol! Best.:) Chris.
  20. Chris the Cat

    Sony Xperia SP or Nokia Lumia 625 ? ( both 4g ready ) HELP!!

    Now I hate thinking about phones, but my old number has just died and I need a new ( or secondhand ) one sharpish! I may get a contract as well ( I know, right! I'm mad me !! I might do anything !! ) Now heres the problem, I know nowt about phones, realy....nowt! So I have been going some...