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  1. Goatboy

    Another singer gone.

    Not as high profile as some of the recent deaths but a great voice and very good artist. Colin Verncombe, better known as Black who's best known hit was Wonderful Life, died yesterday at the age of 53. He'd been involved in a car accident last week where he sustained head injuries. Sent via...
  2. Goatboy

    End of an icon.

    We're loosing another icon that's touched the lives of many of us. Thus Friday sees the last Land Rover Defender roll off of the line. One of the worlds most recognised vehicles, fills a huge amount of rolls, has saved lives and given years of well of many gallons of tears of...
  3. Goatboy

    The Story Of Scottish Art.

    Was dog sitting for a wee while today and caught a great program on BBC IPlayer. The Story Of Scottish Art hosted by Lachlan Goudie. Was a fair section on Pictish art and as well as being lucky enough to be brought up 'round an area where there was a fair bit of it lying around it brought a fair...
  4. Goatboy

    Beowulf: Return To The Shieldlands.

    Just watched episode one of this new series and although I know its an adaptation of saga, a poem, a fiction it will have the teeth and buttocks clenched of folk like Dreadhead & Wayland. From the bad CGI (big heavy troll leaving no trace when on soft sand), the Gustav Klimt inspired bed...
  5. Goatboy

    Expedition into Central Australia Kindle Edition by Charles Sturt

    Just to let you know thatanyone with a kindle or Kindle reader that Expedition into Central Australia Kindle Editionby Charles Sturt is available free just now.
  6. Goatboy

    5'500 year old hafted axe found in Denmark.

    Don't know if any of you saw this? After finding the very cool flint knife that still had it's wooden handle earlier this year they've now found a hafted axe too sticking vertically in the mud. LINK.
  7. Goatboy

    Opening cans with no tools.

    Not usually a fan of this chap but I did think the lateral thinking to get in was pretty good.
  8. Goatboy

    Does a bear sleep in the woods?

    Wondered if this may throw the bears off of their game or if one would end up getting shot by a hunter? (Or worse the attentions of an amorous bear! :yikes: )
  9. Goatboy

    *SNOW*Winter is coming*SNOW*

    Yeah! My Spidey snow sense kicked in in the wee hours of the morning and I peeked outside to see it snowing. Wasn't lying in the village so I didn't don my boots. But on getting up again later this morning I saw it had settled on the hills 'round the village. All bonny and white. My inner bairn...
  10. Goatboy

    Loch Tay Crannog Centre Fruit & Fungi Festival.

    Just to let you know as it's always worth any excuse for a visit that the Scottish Crannog Centre have a Fruit & Fungi Festival on this weekend. There link is in the name above. The very nice Sandbender also allowed me permission to use his lovely photograph to show you the lay of the land...
  11. Goatboy

    Bear Grylls Made Me Do It.

    Don't like to get involved in celeb slagging but the cover story of the Scottish newspaper "The Courier" had me chuckling yesterday. Headline was "Fisherman Caught In Park With Crossbow"; with a secondry headline, "Accused says he took tips from Bear Grylls show before packing for trip." He...
  12. Goatboy

    Tinder and puddocks.

    Out for a daunder with my friends dog yesterday and I wanted to gather some tinder as the thistles are almost in full downy flow at the moment. One of the wee roads ahind the house has a bank of thistles on the burn side, though weirdly not too many on the other, though this is made up for with...
  13. Goatboy

    Z for Zachariah.

    Spent the evening having a Z for Zachariah double bill. Watched the 1984 Play For Today and the new 2015 version back to back. To my shame I've not read O'Brian's origional book so I can't say which is closer but they're two pretty different tales. I suppose in my head I can identify with the...
  14. Goatboy


    I'm just wondering if the hive mind can help me out? Some of you know I make various flavoured spirits (we have an annual martini competion in the village :D ) and I like to try something new. I was wondering about a meadowsweet gin. But I'm.wondering about safe amounts to use as I know it has...
  15. Goatboy

    Always check your backstop!

    Why one should always check ones backstop!
  16. Goatboy

    Happy Birthday Sandbender

    :beer: Happy Birthday :beer: :beer: Sandbender :beer: Have a great day mate, are you up to anything special? Have fun, GB. Sent via smoke-signal from a woodland in Scotland.
  17. Goatboy

    New Stove

    My pal Belzeebob dropped me off a late Birthday present the other day. I little collapse-able woodburning stove. He got the plans from the net and after some modification had a mate with a plasma cutter cut one out for me. Only goes together one way and was very quick to assemble. I was...
  18. Goatboy

    Hamming it up.

    Ham. They say that smell is the most evocative sense. They say that it's one of the last to go as you die. It can transport you cascading through the years to an exact moment in time. Tonight wasn't a tale of smell, though it did play a part. I went into the city today. Not something I do a...
  19. Goatboy

    Easy like a Sunday morning

    Though I try to get to the woods or at least the fields everyday I haven't written about them in a while. But the morning had broken with such quiet vigour that I decided that today I should. Though I'd arisen before the sun I hadn't opened the curtains. So whilst reading and breaking my fast...
  20. Goatboy

    Care when travelling to America.

    Thought this may be of interest to some of you if travelling to the States with antique items. A chap I know who is a Piper (bagpipes) recently had his antique bagpipes confiscated with no chance of return. (They wouldn't even allow him to keep them if he turned straight around and got the next...