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  1. Goatboy

    Article: New Bushcraft UK T-Shirts and Hoodies

    My Tee in green arrived the other day and it's lovely quality and looks rather fetching on though I do say so myself. Cheers for organising Tony.
  2. Goatboy

    Article: New Bushcraft UK T-Shirts and Hoodies

    They look stonkin', still waiting on mine getting to me out here in the sticks.
  3. Goatboy

    Best improvised water heating system for off-grid shelter?

    Depending on the fireplace construction and water supply you could go down the back-boiler route. What I've had in many of my houses and will boil water into the main tank. Had to watch when someone new came to the house as the water could almost be boiling at the taps.
  4. Goatboy

    Best improvised water heating system for off-grid shelter?

    Have you seen the Jompy water heaters? LINK Have only ever heard good things about them, and if you fancy a bit of an engineering challenge you could give making one a go. Though I believe sales of their product go towards allowing the company to help provide safe water and cut down on fuel use...
  5. Goatboy

    Lazy man planning crops for 2016

    A plant I used to like as I got two crops from it and didn't need much tending is Strawberry spinach (Chenopodium capitatum). Gives a nice berry for eating, breakfasts, puddings and the leaves can be used as spinach. I also used it in my homemade pesto. LINK My other mainstays in the garden...
  6. Goatboy

    Cheap Go Pro Alternative

    I got one of these BladeFish cams for about £40 new. Came with underwater case, loads of mounts (helmet/chest/ect) and all the leads. No screen for instant viewback but you can just hook it to a laptop and the likes to do that. Way cheaper than the Gopro and a lot less hassle too as the two of...
  7. Goatboy

    Word association game

    Musk & Blood.
  8. Goatboy

    Three Words

    of Colin's bag?
  9. Goatboy

    Tapatalk is broken

    Arg! Please don't mention Tapatalk to me at the moment as it's the ape of my ire! The latest update installed on my mobile by itself, decided that it no longer wanted to play with my phone and promptly died. Can't get an old copy of the program anywhere that'll work on my Samsung Galaxy Ace...
  10. Goatboy

    Dreadheads Norse Belt Pouches :)

    Vakker rett og slett vakker.
  11. Goatboy

    The Strangest Sheath...

    Lovely sheath Hamish, hides the horror beneath but lovely sheath. They are a deadly little knife for close work with someone that you don't like very much, but not really meant for much else.
  12. Goatboy

    Word association game

    Warren Beatty
  13. Goatboy

    Change a Letter

    Surfed. :o
  14. Goatboy

    Friday night disco time!

    Don't know about you chaps but I'm in the mood for some Green Onions...
  15. Goatboy

    Word association game

    Rotten boroughs.
  16. Goatboy

    Change a Letter

  17. Goatboy

    Three Words

    traversing Scotch mist...
  18. Goatboy

    Happy Birthday Harvestman

    Happy Birthday Mike Hope you have a good one Sir.
  19. Goatboy

    Should I be worrying?

    Sorry to hear your feeling crook Tengu, Hope all is well soon and that you'll be back to your bombastic, hale and hearty self soon. As you may know I an partially bionic (not quite six million dollars) these days with the fancy pacemaker and the titanium hip. The GTN spray could end me as I have...
  20. Goatboy

    Article: New Bushcraft UK T-Shirts and Hoodies

    Just ordered one for myself, I'll now look a bit more competent when performing tasks in the woods. Cheers for ordering them up Tony.