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  1. Dreadhead

    Traditional Hide Coracles

    excellent thanks for that info!
  2. Dreadhead

    For Sale Natural Leather Wax

    For years i've been experimenting with various leather finishes and testing out different waxes. I always struggled to find something i liked, and something that was all natural with no paraffin. Together with Brian Whyte, I have developed a nice simple natural wax that really feeds the leather...
  3. Dreadhead

    At the going down of the sun and in the morning...

    very powerful Gary
  4. Dreadhead

    Installing a wood burner in my workshop advice needed

    cheers Andy. Got a nice solid hearth built in now. And I came across a guy selling brand new twin wall pipe dirt cheap so i've gone and bought that to make life easier and safer. The fire boards i have are expensive good quality ones a friend kindly gave me as he had a surplus left over. I...
  5. Dreadhead

    Installing a wood burner in my workshop advice needed

    I can't believe it's now November and I still havent fitted my stove. Other things in life have just taken over, but now it's getting cold again the pressure is on. So I now have all my pipes. (a 90 bend on the back of the stove which will connect to a metre of straight pipe to keep a good...
  6. Dreadhead

    Crannog bag crazy

    Hey folks, I haven't posted up much in a while as life takes over and i've been crazy busy this summer. Anyway i've been going mad with my crannog bags. These are my interpretation of the bag remains found at loch glashan crannog site here in scotland. Though I like to tool pictish carvings...
  7. Dreadhead

    A Challenge Fly fishing Norway tips?

    Hey folks, I'm looking for recommendations and tips for a fly fishing trip to Norway. Ideally looking to rent a cabin and get a fishing guide for a few days. It's more for my brother who is dead set on a Norway fishing trip. Any tips would be great cheers Hamish Sent from my F8331 using...
  8. Dreadhead

    New bushcraft dog

    I guess this is an introduction really. We recently lost our beloved dog Maggie to old age, who many of you had met over the years. And whilst we said we would hold off for a year before getting another dog, this one just sort of landed in our laps in special circumstances so there we go...
  9. Dreadhead

    Traditional Hide Coracles

    That could be the one that ended up in Archaeolink in Aberdeen? Which is sadly now closed so no idea where it could have ended up [emoji848] Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  10. Dreadhead

    Medieval Linen Undertunic

    excellent work bud, quite a bit of sewing in tunics!
  11. Dreadhead

    Trip Report Highland Perthshire.

    some good photos, cracking spots around here :)
  12. Dreadhead

    Exploring Scotlands North West Highlands

    looks like you caught some rare sunshine mate, quality photos!
  13. Dreadhead

    Traditional Hide Coracles

    excellent :) the leather boat i build a few years ago in norway was in the sea for 4 years with just tar on it, and when we finally had a look for maintenance it could have lasted another year or two but be re-tarred it anyway. So i think you have a few years with tar, with some maintenance...
  14. Dreadhead

    Traditional Hide Coracles

    i'll have to read into that, though i would guess tar.
  15. Dreadhead

    A simple Chuck Box

    nicely done Gary. I use some of those in the workshop, i ought to give them a stain!
  16. Dreadhead

    Traditional Hide Coracles

    Voila! another finished coracle. It floated straight away, though there was some leakage through the seams as they need tarred. our two finished coracles. The coracle being hung up to dry so that we can tar the seams later. Stay tuned for more coracle adventures!
  17. Dreadhead

    Traditional Hide Coracles

    Continued... It's now June and we have been back to the Crannog to finish off the second coracle we were making with deerskins instead of cowhide. We resoaked the skins overnight, then set back to getting them stitched together over the frame. Meanwhile Jason takes...
  18. Dreadhead

    Pictish demos, Alyth, this weekend

    This sunday a few of us will be demonstrating Pictish skills at Alyth including leatherworking, tanning, stone carving, coracle paddling, and some combat techniques. So plenty of bushcraft elements in there that may appeal to folks here [emoji846] Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  19. Dreadhead

    Traditional Hide Coracles

    SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL After several days work we had a fully finished coracle, and one half finished coracle that we will come back to finish soon. Our tar making experiment worked, so when we finish the second coracle we will continue with that process to tar the...
  20. Dreadhead

    Traditional Hide Coracles

    After such a successful result with the first coracle, we changed our style with the second, instead using only deerskins which needed stitched together with sinew. We had also collected local birch bark in order to distil our own tar to seal the stitching. Here I am cutting rawhide lace for...