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  1. spamel

    Anyone made a Kudlik ?

    I've seen a few whales down town in Leeds, you might want to pack the larger of your shrimping nets! :lmao:
  2. spamel

    Bushcraft PLCE webbing

    Even though I posted earlier, I hadn't read all of the gumpf before hand. Personally, I wouldn't use webbing ust because I never really got on with it. Chest rigs were my favourite, kop vests also do my head in! (I still have an issue one sat upstairs that will get eBayed one day!) I must...
  3. spamel


    I've been to Med Hat, it is the only town in North America I have actually been to as opposed to just driving through as you do, and the sheer scale of things bewilders me. It is the only place where a pub crawl makes using a taxi compulsory, the bars are that far apart! It is prairie country...
  4. spamel

    how long to cook bannock in a trangia

    Do you use Hoodoos' recipe? Scruff cooks his in the Trangia with the simmer ring turned right down to get as small a flame as possible. He then lets it cook for ages, until it is done basically, with a few turns now and then to get an even cooking. The addition of a lid to your pan makes it...
  5. spamel

    A beret as headgear in the woods

    I disagree with Graham, I liked mine. Saying that, in the Army w tend to shape ours instead of sticking it straight on our head after being issued it at stores! :p I remember donning mine on a tab back from Darwin to MPA in the Falkland Islands when the snow started coming down, and it came...
  6. spamel

    Polish army tent - Lavvu on a budget ?

    They've put the tripods inside, it saves having to be lashed up and the tent modified. I don't know if everybody has waterproofed there's yet, I don't think anybody had any issues at SV with them and it rained a bit whilst we were there.
  7. spamel

    Polish army tent - Lavvu on a budget ?

    How do you set the top of the tripod to keep it all from poking through the fabric? I was thinking a Mr Sheen can lid (Plastic, negligible weight) would sit on top of the three poles perfectly stoping them falling apart and also prevent wear on the fabric, but as I didn't take a detailed look...
  8. spamel

    An overnighter with lessons learned!

    I thin this is definitely the way to go. On a big inflatable mattress with a few blankets in a heated tipi! :D
  9. spamel

    Your most heroic failure (s)

    My big failure bushcraft wise would be fire lighting at Wharneclife Crags with my Dad and brother on a camping trip a fair few years ago. I had a fireflash and couldn't get the tinder to light at all, so we didn't have a fire that night. I had practised for weeks but not in the rain, so...
  10. spamel

    What's going to be the latest 'Must Have' bit of Ray Mears' kit?

    Rays' weight isn't an issue, it's just a bit of fun and I'm sure he'd see the funny side. I reckon the saying that the camera adds 10 pounds may well be true because when I met him he wasn't that massive a bloke. He's in his forties and doesn't run marathons, he's bound to have a bit of bulk...
  11. spamel

    Hill Holt Wood.

    It is a fantastic wood, some of us have spent the night there and I have even slept in the gigantic canvas tipi. This was back in the day when Ubermeister (Anthony) was working there, the peacocks are interesting especially when they have a new brood of fluffy little peacocks! It's a really...
  12. spamel

    A big complaint

    I heard a similar device was being sent to Troops in the sandy places to combat the dreaded camel spider, I think it was on the One Show a few weeks back which I just happened to be watching at the time for reasons I cannot begin to imagine!
  13. spamel

    An elegant design...for a mystery purpose!

    A simple shim is the way around most padlocks, you don't even have to touch the keyway. I was amazed at how simple locks are, no wonder so much stuff gets nicked. One of the locksmiths was sent a thumb turn lock for a door and it was made by ICL and is supposed to be unpickable. It has a...
  14. spamel

    The start of a miserable sick day...

    Ask your boss around, then he'll catch it off you and will know what it was like next week when he gets ill.
  15. spamel

    An elegant design...for a mystery purpose!

    I'm thinking the double loop is the pivot, it fixes to the gate and when thrown over it lines up with a bolt that goes through the single eye. This allows the gate to be locked.
  16. spamel

    Powdered egg

    Somebody mentioned placing your whole eggs into a nalgene bottle that is topped up with water and the eggs do not break. That may be worth a go, the egg powder from Tesco isn't great to be honest and is only good for scrambled egg (tastes a bit weird though) and cooking such as bannocks and...
  17. spamel

    Bushcraft Group

    That's fair enough, it only takes one person to phone up the land owner and say something about insurance and you may have your permission withdrawn, it happened to another guy here not too long ago. Of course, I'd like to think members here wouldn't purposefully spoil another persons'...
  18. spamel

    A big complaint

    Little nippers up against the wall, baited but not set for a few days. Once they are taking the bait, set them and eradicate the mice in no time at all. I had to clear a hangar in the Falkland Islands from an infestation of mice, took me ages to find out where they were coming from until I...
  19. spamel

    Mike Ameling dies

    I get the feeling that Mikey lived a varied life and lived it well. I'm sad that he has gone, but happy that he lived his life to the full. I must confess it has come as quite a shock, he will be sorely missed by all of his friends, both on the internet and in real life and I think that speaks...
  20. spamel

    buffing knife handle

    Shellac. Leaves a very shiny finish and looks really nice.