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  1. Macaroon

    For Sale Bergans Langevaan

    Got it yesterday, thanks, in good order.
  2. Macaroon

    For Sale Bergans Langevaan

    I'll have this, please......I'll pm you.
  3. Macaroon

    In the News Today

    I've got a red face and both hands high in the air!
  4. Macaroon

    In the News Today

    I do apologise.........I thought I had posted in 'In the news today', and this was an item I spotted in the news today relating to wildlife, local wildlife, and incredibly rare and special. Again, I'm sorry that you don't consider wildlife to be part of 'Bushcraft, but I do.
  5. Macaroon

    In the News Today
  6. Macaroon

    One knot to bind them all.

    Surprised no mention of Bowline yet, much more versatile than you'd think, very strong and stable, kind to your cordage and easy to undo no matter what pressure it's been under. I've used a good variety of knots, (horses for courses) but the Bowline is the one I turn to for preference.
  7. Macaroon

    Hello from Vorarlberg, Austria

    Servus, gruess dich :emoji_skier:
  8. Macaroon

    Petromax cast iron pans?

    I have a 30cm one of theirs, bought about five years ago and used four to six times a week both in the kitchen and on wood fires. It's every bit as good as any cast iron I've used and I've got quite a few Lodge and others. In fact, now I think about it, it is the one I'd least like to be...
  9. Macaroon

    Singer 201K - needs a little work: FREE!

    I would be very happy to give this machine a good home, and I'm not too far from you, either. I'll PM you a little later today and see if we can arrange something, eh? And thankyou for such a thoughtful offer, good to see such a thing :)
  10. Macaroon

    Sold Some clothing and a canoe...

    Great catch for whoever got it; thanks for letting me know.
  11. Macaroon

    Sold Some clothing and a canoe...

    Is the Loden anorak still available at the asking price?
  12. Macaroon

    Positive mental health, nature and bushcraft.

    Good ol' Dr. Green, eh?
  13. Macaroon

    Sold Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip Titanium

    No images, unless you join E.M...................Second time this week?
  14. Macaroon

    What did you buy today?

    Well spotted there, Hawkeye! :)
  15. Macaroon

    What did you buy today?

    I've got one by the same makers that I know to have been a working lamp, and it is a little different to yours; I think they've made them for years like yours that folks could buy at the mining museum and places like that and as far as I know they are perfectly functional and will last as long...
  16. Macaroon

    Sold Rucksacks and a few items of clothing...

    And I'll take the Umlindi if he decides agin it, please.
  17. Macaroon

    Fi, me and a van called Red.

    Good to hear from you both; and great that things seem to be going with a ZZzzzzip :)
  18. Macaroon

    What you can afford?

    I tend to look at most things the other way around, i.e. can I afford not to spend on this? So, footwear, bedding, dentistry, glasses and food get priority as do tools. I buy the absolute best I can afford in all those categories, and will do without other stuff to pay for them. All neccessary...
  19. Macaroon

    Sold Millican Smith Roll top 25L (Reduced)

    This is a really great pack at a very good price indeed; I got one new last year and it's superb. Whoever buys this will not be disappointed in any way. Good luck with the sale.