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  1. hanzo

    Scotland West Coast foraging.

    You may be able to get them out easier if you crack the shell first.
  2. hanzo

    Coastal calamity [emoji23]

    Not sure if urchin is considered a shellfish. Uni is good. As is eel and octopus. And in a pinch, sea cucumber. I have had it and don't care too much for it myself. And also there are lots of birds near the sea. And some people love sand fleas. Although to me, they are more bait. I have...
  3. hanzo

    How do you cope with Mud.

    If it rains here, it will be muddy. I just rinse off in a stream or ocean, if it isn't dangerous to do so at the time. Or even in the rain. I do not want my feet to stay soaked, so I pack sandals. If I am on a trail in sandals, I might pack shoes. I like light, so use trail runners. And I...
  4. hanzo

    Cotton kills

    I like cotton. But then, I am in the tropics.
  5. hanzo


    Not sure what that is, but salmon roe (ikura) is delicious!
  6. hanzo


    I prefer savory to sweet as well. The honey smoked salmon has only a very thin layer of honey rubbed on the non-skin side. Maybe a tablespoon or two at most. And it also has a light rub of spicies. With kiawe (mesquite) smoke, it ends up savory with just a small hint of sweetness. The salt...
  7. hanzo

    Traditional kit

    That’s great! Looked like a heavier load than that.
  8. hanzo

    Fallkniven F1D cos re handle wip

    Spectacular Mark!!
  9. hanzo


    Love my Wetterlings axe. Other than sharpening it, it doesn't get much care. Still lasted for over decade of beating.
  10. hanzo


    I just got into the habit of salt curing. If you wash it, you can season and cook as you would normally. The salt draws water and fish slime out. The flesh is firmer and more flavorful and less fishy. I cure it even before smoking. Wifee likes honey smoked salmon.
  11. hanzo


    The sushi chefs always salt cure salmon. Then wash it off thoroughly and then a quick vinegar bath sometimes and a quick freeaze before preparing. You forgot my favorite... Copper River!
  12. hanzo


    That was from my sushi dinner at a restaurant. The ones I make are much plainer. Slice the fish and slap it on rice. Sometimes I will season the fish and maybe even sear it with a torch. But must times just with shoyu and wasabi. The thing is with salmon, you need to salt cure it first. A...
  13. hanzo


    And the poke I made. Great if you add chili peppers too. I don't becasue my girls do no like spicy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. hanzo


    Here’s the last sushi I had. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. hanzo


    I love sushi! Most things out of the ocean, I would have no qualms about eating raw. Fresh water, I would cook, even though people do eat that raw too. I have prepared and eaten stuff from fish to octopus to seaweed, both at home and at camp. And I would like to suggest a field expedient...
  16. hanzo

    Traditional kit

    Love the kit! What does it weigh though? Looks heavy. But perfect for car camping. I would be too lazy to carry that any distance.
  17. hanzo

    Indian Spoon

    Reminds me of a Chinese soup spoon.
  18. hanzo

    "No knife" bushcrafty activities ideas please

    I have not been on the forum for quite some time myself and am just getting reacquainted.
  19. hanzo

    Good ideas for stuff to make with children :)

    When the kids were very little, I carved wooden knives for them to use with their playdoh. Useful tool for them and they can start to learn to use a knife.
  20. hanzo

    Good ideas for stuff to make with children :)

    My kids and the kids we have taken camping may be more barbaric than UK kids. We have taken them since age 1. Oldest is now 17. We have made cordage from natural materials, bow drills, trap triggers and even Apache throwing stars (when they were a little older). They love fire, so anything...