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  1. Angus Og

    The Adventure Show - The Scottish National Trail, Iplayer.

    I just seen the end of this, available soon. BBC Iplayer Link
  2. Angus Og

    Backwoods Survival School, Landward BBC Two Scotland.

    Woodland Skills, Bushcraft expert Patrick McGlinchey begins a new mini-series revealing some of the core woodland craft skills that have been handed down through the centuries. It should be on Iplayer later. Backwoods Survival Facebook
  3. Angus Og

    Northern Lights over Scotland (9/10/2012)

    As the tile says, I also got a AuroraWatch UK alert for tonight.
  4. Angus Og

    A Opportunity Life Time.

    Seen this and thought damn I'm not a ski-mountaineer. His blog is worth a read. From
  5. Angus Og

    Garmin Oregon 550t

    Garmin Oregon 550t .[/COLOR] Inc RMSD, Bank transfer preferred will accept Paypal fees included. All the bits in the box and I'll throw in a bike mount with this. It works with Garmin Connect Oregon 550t AA battery charger 2 AA NiMH batteries Carabiner clip...
  6. Angus Og

    Ray Mears Wilkinson Sword Maple Scales.

    SOLD Used RM/WS I bought this at end of December 2008 I have never used or sharpened it since I got it. sellers description from British blades. £250 Inc RMSDPrice drop £225, payment by bank transfer or Paypal includes P&P U.K only.
  7. Angus Og

    Mick Spain knife Lime Burr scales.

    Here is a small utility knife and sheath for sale handmade by Mick Spain, Stab/ Lime Burr Scales black liners, brass fittings,Blade is o1 3mm thick H/T and triple tempered to 58/59RC wide grind aprox 17 degrees inclusive BLADE = 90mm I have the original paper work for this knife and I have...
  8. Angus Og

    Landward with Backwoods Survival School.. 11/05/12

    BBC Link Backwoods Survival School
  9. Angus Og

    Making one piece boat (Canoe) from Siberian aspen.

    A good video of traditional boat building from Siberia. Its in Russian.
  10. Angus Og

    Northern lights
  11. Angus Og

    You see me scrolling... dont be hating

  12. Angus Og

    2011 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar

    A wee bit late but there are some great pictures so far. Link
  13. Angus Og

    Nat Geo Nordic Wild, Monday 7 November at 8pm

    This is one of Europe's last great wildernesses, Scandinavia is a realm of epic contrasts, where ancient mountains meet lush forest and the land is torn by both ice and fire. Nordic Wild premieres on Monday 7 November at 8pm and follows the lives of Nordic animals in stunning HD as they...
  14. Angus Og

    Auld stove maker ?

    Found this while looking through my Dads camping gear, anyone know the maker and year? Look like some kind of Trangia
  15. Angus Og

    Kathmandu Trekking Basha-tent System. (Pic heavy)

    SOLD Kathmandu Trekking Basha-tent System. £85. Incs Recorded Delivery P&P U.K. only, payment by Paypal or bank transfer. Used a couple of times The canopy is made from Silicon-Elastomer proofed Rip-Stop Nylon, 3 metres squared ,equipped with 16 perimeter loops and central loop with a...
  16. Angus Og

    Revealed: Wildfire that raged for two days was started by

    Revealed: Wildfire that raged for two days was started by camper trying to burn family's used toilet paper
  17. Angus Og

    Scotland's watershed route mapped out for hikers

    BBC Scotland Look an interesting route.
  18. Angus Og

    £100m theme park plan for Loch Lomond

    Link Reported also on BBC Reporting Scotland