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  1. Pioneer72

    Loose leather sheath

    I have a knife I made from a kit a few years back, the sheath was 'ready-made' in the box. The sheath has gone a bit too loose on the knife now though, I would prefer it a bit more snug fitting. Is there a way to tighten it up the sheath a little bit? soaking it etc?
  2. Pioneer72

    It's Hawthorn Fruit Leather Time :)

    I looked out at my Hawthorn tree yesterday, and seeing it was loaded with berries I thought to have another go at hawthorn fruit leather. So I picked a load, de-stalked them, and set to it. I made some a few years ago using the cold process squeezing out the goo per Ray and Gordon on Wild...
  3. Pioneer72

    Shropshire Bushcraft Group

    From searching the forum it seems that there used to be a small group of Shroppies who met up, but the group appears to be sleeping :sleeping: So I just thought about 're-kindling' it, excuse the pun :) Post here if you could be interested in occasional meets, or send me a pm. I don't have...
  4. Pioneer72

    'lil man spoons

    A couple of pics of a couple of spoons, made these quite a few years ago. Not really meant for function - the belly man is hollowed in the 'face' and also the belly, 9cm tall. The smaller one was intended to mimic a monk striding along with his hood up and cloak flowing, 6.5cm tall. Both made...
  5. Pioneer72

    New (ish)

    Hey all :) Recently started thinking I should get back to the woods, so figured a good start is come back here after quite a long time. I think I was a member here before but can't remember a username, and changed email too. Anyways, hello from sunny Shropshire :)