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  1. SOAR

    Kolrosed eating spoon made from Cherry

    I haven't posted on here for too long but I thought I would post some pics of a recent spoon that I have made. Its made from Cherry and its the last in a batch from the same wood. The decoration on the handle is a design that I have been working on and its chip carved and kolrosed with coffee...
  2. SOAR

    Birch serving spoon

    Some pics of a Birch serving spoon I finished yesterday. Its tool finished and is 250mm long. Thanks for looking.
  3. SOAR

    A day of spoon carving

    I ran a spoon carving course yesterday and I thought that I would share with you a few pics from the day. It was a great day and I was impressed with the level of skill that was achieved by someone with no carving experience. I love teaching and seeing students get better and seeing good axe...
  4. SOAR

    Lilac serving spoon

    I finished this Lilac serving spoon the other week thought I would get a picture up here. I love Lilac it finishes very nice.
  5. SOAR

    Todays spoon carving course.

    Just a few pictures from todays course. It was a great days carving . I have put more on my blog here
  6. SOAR

    Recent spoon and Kuksa

    A couple of photos of some recent work I have made. Spoon made from Cherry, oiled with flax seed oil and chip carved detail. And a Kuksa that I have just finished, made from Alder oiled with flax seed oil and chip carved details Just getting ready for the spoon carving course at the...
  7. SOAR

    A few photos from yesterdays spoon carving course

    Yesterday I held another spoon carving course, the bad weather meant two folk couldn't make it so that left two. It was a great day and both students did very well, so well infact I managed to carve a spoon myself.
  8. SOAR

    A few pics from todays spoon course

    Todays spoon carving course went very well indeed considering none of the students have ever carved anything before, they produced some great spoons. Angela showed interest in chip carving so I went through the basics with them, They all enjoyed giving it a go. There are more photos...
  9. SOAR

    Spoon carving course

  10. SOAR

    Chip carved Cherry eating spoons.

    I have been doing alot of chip carving on my spoons recently, these two are from Cherry. I have been using a chip carving knife by my friend Magnus Sundelin. Please feel free to look at my blog.
  11. SOAR

    Husqvarna axes

    Just a heads up on Husky axes, I've got the camping hatchet its a good axe.These are great axes for the money. No connection with the seller. look like good prices too.
  12. SOAR

    Cooking spoons

    I have seriously neglected my blog of late, I am now making a big effort to catch up on the things that I have been making, I have been making alot of spoons and have been using paint and decorating them with chip carving.
  13. SOAR

    Two shades to every carver.

    I made myself a new carver, a Bergstrom blade that I got from Brisa, I have quite a bit of Laburnum wood, so I got a nice bit that shows of the heart and sap wood for the handle. I had a quick go with it this evening and its a great blade, very sharp and keeps a good edge. I...
  14. SOAR

    Coffee stained Birch Kuksa Kolrosed handle

    I have recently finished this Birch Kuksa, It was very plain so I thought that I would stain it up with a coffee solution and decorate the handle with a simple design. It gives it that rustic look which I like.
  15. SOAR

    A few bowls and spoons.

    I haven't posted in a while but I have been busy with a few bowls and some small caddy spoons so I thought that I would post some pics. Caddy spoons three made from Ash one from Birch. A Willow ladle. A bowl made from Cedrus atlantica. A couple of bowls made from Alder. and a couple...
  16. SOAR

    Ash stool for my daughter

    I finished this rustic Ash stool for my 2 year old daughter tonight. Rush style weaved seat using 4 ply jute. more on my blog Elizabeth loves it and sat eating her tea on it tonight.
  17. SOAR

    A few new spoons

    I've not posted on here in a while so I thought that I would show some pics of some recentish work. Firstly some small sugar spoons from Apple and a spoon from Rhus typhina. A spoon from Liriodendron tulipifera The paints were homemade and a bit of an experiment...
  18. SOAR

    Birch Kuksa bowl

    A Birch Kuksa style bowl that I have recently finished. There is more on my blog. Thanks for looking.
  19. SOAR

    Apple Kuksa

    I got some really nice Apple wood from work that came from a dead tree so thought that I would make a Kuksa from it. More on my blog Thanks for looking.
  20. SOAR

    Article: Carving a simple Wood Spirit

    You can view the page at