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  1. Gasparo

    Mammut Brecon Boots (Swiss made for UK)

    Continuing my quest for the ultimate boots I have just stumbled upon these Mammut 'Brecon' boots apparentley made in Switzerland due to high demand from customers for a boot that is purpose built for British terrain... that's pretty sweet. Vibram soles *thumbs up* Anybody out there got a word...
  2. Gasparo

    Joker Skinner knife

    This is my first trade here but I plan on sticking around and would like to break my trading cherry with this Joker knife, I have plenty more to trade later including more knives, a flashlight, old canvas gear and a Firefly SwissTritium compass but they're all a bit more valuable and I wanna see...
  3. Gasparo

    Footwear that will last?!

  4. Gasparo

    Footwear that will last?!

    Hey guys, the time has come for some new footwear and I'm the kinda chap that likes to buy something and not have to worry about that bit of kit again for a while, the more I spend, the more time I expect until I have to replace. (..beware, I do rant a bit here) That being said, it definitely...
  5. Gasparo

    Fire signals from Cardiff

    Greetings to all, just signed up here and wanted to announce my presence. I did sign up to another well known forum late last year and got promptly banned, to the best of my knowledge for supporting the defence of our lovely British badgers from a certain group of people. All that aside...