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    You just keep telling yourself that boss ... :D Ed
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    Autumn Moot 8-14th October 2018

    Excellent news Mr Fenna :) See you there. Ed
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    Bushcraft and survival skills

    I've replied to your pm, but as Pete said above, post over in the Wales section of the meetup forums ;) Ed
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    Great to have you here, Welcome aboard! Ed
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    New to forum

    Hiya and welcome aboard. Good to have you here! Ed
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    Article: Epic Journey - Southampton to South Africa by bicycle...

    Excellent write up :) Thanks for that1 Ed
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    Hello from Derbyshire

    Hiya and welcome to the forum :D Ed
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    Hello from the UK

    Hiya and welcome aboard :) Ed
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    Hiya and welcome aboard to BCUK No need to say sorry ... we all have to start somewhere. We have over a decades worth of posts here that you can search through, but if the search function doesn't help, then there are alot of peolpe here that will be more than willing to answer your questions :)...
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    Hello all

    Hi and welcome aboard! Ed
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    Hello! Bushcraft newbie from Colchester

    Hi and welcome aboard to BCUK :D Ed
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    Hi from the wilds of Lancashire

    Hiya and welcome to BCUK! Sounds like you are going to fit right in at home here ..... Ed
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    Englishman lost in Wales.

    Hiya and welcome aboard :D Ed
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    Greetings from the Far North

    Hiya and welcome aboard :D Ed
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    Arizona, USA

    Hiya and welcome aboard to BCUK! Ed
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    Nice to be here

    Welcome aboard to BCUK! Ed
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    Hi to all o youz

    Hiya and welcome aboard! Ed
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    Hi every1!

    Welcome aboard! Ed
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    Hi from South wales

    Hiya and welcome aboard :D Ed
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    Side facets on stone and flint axes

    Do you have any pics or links of what you are refering to? Welcome aboard by the way :D Ed