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  1. SOAR

    Kolrosed eating spoon made from Cherry

    I haven't posted on here for too long but I thought I would post some pics of a recent spoon that I have made. Its made from Cherry and its the last in a batch from the same wood. The decoration on the handle is a design that I have been working on and its chip carved and kolrosed with coffee...
  2. SOAR

    Birch serving spoon

    Some pics of a Birch serving spoon I finished yesterday. Its tool finished and is 250mm long. Thanks for looking.
  3. SOAR

    Monthly Build Along No. 3 Spoon Carving

    3 recent spoons, bottom two are Hazel and the top one is Sycamore. chip carved and painted with oil paint.
  4. SOAR

    A day of spoon carving

    I ran a spoon carving course yesterday and I thought that I would share with you a few pics from the day. It was a great day and I was impressed with the level of skill that was achieved by someone with no carving experience. I love teaching and seeing students get better and seeing good axe...
  5. SOAR

    Fan Birds

    Great Fan birds Mark very nice indeed!
  6. SOAR

    Some recent spoons

    Nice spoons Hugo.
  7. SOAR


    I am shocked and stunned by Drew's passing! my heart felt condolences go out to his family. Drew was a great guy and like everyone who knew him has already said he was full of enthusiasm didn't have a bad bone in his body. I don't remember what year this was but it was at Middlewood and was...
  8. SOAR

    Lilac serving spoon

    I finished this Lilac serving spoon the other week thought I would get a picture up here. I love Lilac it finishes very nice.
  9. SOAR

    Todays spoon carving course.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the course and you found it useful Keith, I really enjoyed teaching you and I'm sure I'll see you at Spoonfest or at the Elvaston show.
  10. SOAR

    Can someone id this wood?

    Its Cherry Plum Prunus cerasifera pretty sure of it, its nice wood, only small ornamental trees really.
  11. SOAR

    It's finished...

    Thats a great looking knife well done, very well made!
  12. SOAR

    Todays spoon carving course.

    Thanks dancan i'm glad you enjoy my blog :)
  13. SOAR

    What axe for carving?

    I use a few different axes from Svante Djarv to GB axes, I think its just personal prefference thing, I like different axes for different tasks (carving wise) The Gb swedish carving axe is a very good axe and one I use alot, Svante Djarv's axes are made from very good steel and hold an excellent...
  14. SOAR

    Todays spoon carving course.

    Just a few pictures from todays course. It was a great days carving . I have put more on my blog here
  15. SOAR

    Recent spoon and Kuksa

    Thanks again everyone for the comments. bear2012 there are a few threads on here about good carving woods but Lime Poplar and Alder are good ones to start with.
  16. SOAR

    Painted Spoon

    Nice spoon dancan.
  17. SOAR

    Recent spoon and Kuksa

    Thank you everyone for the very kind comments :) Milius2 The knife is one of my carvers its a Mora 106, I added the chip carving and made the sheath for it.
  18. SOAR

    Recent spoon and Kuksa

    A couple of photos of some recent work I have made. Spoon made from Cherry, oiled with flax seed oil and chip carved detail. And a Kuksa that I have just finished, made from Alder oiled with flax seed oil and chip carved details Just getting ready for the spoon carving course at the...
  19. SOAR

    Bit of recent spoonage

    Nice spoons there Mark, great stuff!
  20. SOAR

    2 Knotwork belts and a wallet

    Great work !! love the belts!!