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  1. yogi

    Hardtack recipe's

    I've been looking for hardtack recipe's The most common one is 4 cups flour ( preferably whole wheat ) 4 teaspoons salt Water about 2 cups Cook for half hour each side Has any one got a diffrant one and is it a good pack food to carry.
  2. yogi

    Bushcraft Site List

    After posting a Question on out and about i was thinking can we compile a list avalible to members only of bushcraft sites within a area with a contact link through BCUK letting the owner of the land know who is there and maybe a payment or work party channeled through the site.
  3. yogi

    Eartham Wood Chichister

    I've been walking round Eartham Wood over the last few weeks and i think its just right for my first wild camping trip.I know its owned by the Forestry commission has anybody camped there and is it allowed or is it a matter of just keeping my head down .OR is their any other sites around the...
  4. yogi

    Hike lite tent

    Just got a ProAction hike lite tent from Argos half price was £49.99 now £24.99 pack size 15x40cm weight 2.08kg Cat No 340/0779 if you want to have a look. The colour is a bit bright but you cant have everything.
  5. yogi

    D D Underblanket

    I will be ordering a DD travel hammock/bivi and i want to know if its worth getting the underblanket as well or is thear a allternitive that will work just as well but cheeper when used as a bivi .ie foam bed roll any advice welcome
  6. yogi

    Hi from Chichester

    I have been picking up lots of tips from you guys and girls thank you. I am getting my kit together for my first night out in the woods. my wife calls me the quite man in the corner. I look listen and take it all in but very rarely speak out. I love fishing not always catching and spending...