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  1. mowerman

    Youtube channel.

    Hi guys, I'm not sure where to post this but I've got a YouTube channel now and although I mainly do mowing videos and machinery reviews, I am starting to put my bushcrafting videos on there. The main one at the moment is my Ghillie Kettle review and demonstration. Any comments or suggestions...
  2. mowerman

    Bushcraft show 2018 discount tickets

    Hi guys, just wondered if anyone was interested in going to the bushcraft show in Derby on may bank holiday ? Tickets for the Monday only are being sold on Groupon and are heavily discounted . £9 adults £4 kids £22 family of 4.
  3. mowerman

    Anyone got any experience of ford or iveco tippers ?

    Hi, as the title suggests I am looking in to buying either a ford or iveco crew cab tipper. I currently use a land rover defender 110 for pulling my mowers around but fancy more of a multi use vehicle. With a crew cab tipper I have more seats for shifting folks about and I can build a strong...
  4. mowerman

    Anyone got a link Bushcraft magazine free downloads

    Hi guys , I can't find the link to the Bushcraft magazine free download bit. I'm away from home without WiFi and fancy downloading a couple while I have the chance. Can anyone help me out please ? Thanks James
  5. mowerman

    Self employed online book keeping and accounting

    Hi, I run my own business and have done for several years now and I have always looked after my books myself and had them signed off by an accountant at the end of every year and then filed my returns online. However, he has now retired and I have continued to carry on in the same vein and just...
  6. mowerman

    Wanted. XL sleeping mat

    I'm after and XL sleeping mat. Approx dimensions I'm after are 200cm long 60cm wide and 10cm thick. It will be used for kayak trips so it being around 3 kilos won't be a problem. Has anyone got anything for sale or failing that, a link to where I can get one within the next couple of...
  7. mowerman

    Wool blanket or synthetic fleece blanket

    I have done a lot of reading about wool blankets over the past few weeks and I can't really see a difference between a 100% ( or high content) natural wool blanket and a fleece blanket apart from the fleece is lighter and the wool has some fire resistance. I'm going on a 3 day kayaking trip...
  8. mowerman

    Power banks and external mobile phone batteries

    I don't know if this has been talked about previously but I am looking for a fairly compact, portable charger for my android phone. There are dozens of them on eBay each claiming to be the best etc. However, I am going on a 3 day canoeing trip soon and would like to have the capability of...
  9. mowerman

    Kayak on the river Wye

    Hi folks, I got a sit on top kayak and absolutely love going out and about on the river Severn and river teme that are both close to where I live. However I would like to do a multi day trip with overnight camping and I think the river Wye looks like the best bet. I'm going to start from...
  10. mowerman

    Walk in the woods and a brew up.

    I'm pretty new to all this bushcraft stuff but I have collected a bit of gear over the winter months and I have been going out for woodland walks and brew up whenever I can find time. This week I walked to a local woods about 2 miles from my house and enjoyed a good wander round and a brew It...
  11. mowerman

    Outdoor work available in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas

    Hi, I'm not sure whether advertising work is allowed or not but I thought it may appeal to someone on this forum. I run a small grounds maintenance business and due to picking up new contracts I need someone to work alongside me for 2/3 days per week march - October. This would be a self...
  12. mowerman

    When was the last time you got lost ?

    Went out for a quick walk across some farmland with my mate at about 11:00am, parked the landy in the farm yard and set off. I am a part time mole catcher and we were going to check my traps. All traps checked emptied and reset and we started walking back and came across a public right of...
  13. mowerman

    Foot pain

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone on here had got any experience of pain in the ball of the foot ? It first started last year on holiday and it felt like I had got a stone in my shoe, I presumed that I had probably trodden on a rough rock or something similar and just limped around. However the...
  14. mowerman

    Native awareness and native skills 1 course.

    Hi has anyone been on or heard of the native awareness website or even been on the native skills 1 course ? The next one is the beginning of October and drops just right with my work. They cover basic firelighting skills, flint knaping and various other bushcraft type genres. I can imagine...
  15. mowerman

    Camouflage boiler suit or overalls

    Hi, has anyone got any recommendations for a camouflage boiler suit or the like ? I could do with one for shooting in the winter to keep me warm. Thanks
  16. mowerman

    Compass or GPS watch

    I am looking at getting a new watch for wearing during outdoor activities. I started looking around and was amazed at the features available on some of the watches for less than £100. First things first, I need it to tell the time and be visible night and day but apart from that I am open to...
  17. mowerman

    Hi from Shropshire

    I am pretty new to this bushcraft game. I have however done a lot of course fishing over the years and now enjoy spending nights camping out and cooking on my stove. I like hill walking and would like to get involved in more bushcraft activities and go wild camping.
  18. mowerman

    Hi from Shropshire

    I work outside a lot of the time and use a ghillie kettle for brew making and cooking in the winter. I have recently become interested in hill walking, bushcraft and generally spending time outside. Even if its camping in the garden with the kids ! Looking to improve my skills and do a few...