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  1. gazmc2

    where to go in inverness

    Hi all, I have just mived up to grantown and have family coming to visit. Im looking for somewhere to go to wild camp and hopefully get some fishing done. Preferably in a quiet spot where we wont annoy anyone and can have a chilled couple of days. Cheers Gaz
  2. gazmc2

    fishing at lochindorb

    just a quick question, im off to lochindorb (near aviemore) to do a spot of fishing.:fishing: my Q is, where is the best spot to fish from the shore? i was there last year & was on the east side which was shallow for a good bit & i kept catching rocks etc. wasnt sure where to put this so...
  3. gazmc2

    Backwoods course

    hi all, my wife booked me on a bushcraft course for a wedding present. it was with backwoods survival school. it was a superb weekend & i just thought i'd share it with you. a great weekend with very knowlegable instructors patrick, mark & graham. 1st night was bivvying under a shute which...
  4. gazmc2

    rusty knife

    hi all, i have a mora which has been in my shed for a few weeks. prob is it is now a bit rusty, is there anything i can do to remove it & is there anything i can do to stop it happening in future if it wont be in use for a while. thanks gaz
  5. gazmc2

    fishing in helensborough

    hi all, just a quick question, i got my son a new fishing rod:fishing: & i'm going to take him out today, just wondering if there is anywhere in helesborough i.e a pier or a nice bank. was on google maps & there looks to be a pier but i dont know whether i'd be allowed onto it...
  6. gazmc2

    a wee trip near loch lomond

    my boy & me went for a wee fishing trip to loch lomond. we ended up at a river close to drymen near loch lomond. was good fun but im still awaiting permission to keep him out over night. matt with rod waitin to catch a big juicy fish ben 10 tent set for cover from the wee wind...maybe mum...
  7. gazmc2

    any plans

    hi all, just wondering if anyone has any plans for the bank holiday weekend april 2-5?? i'll hopefully get out early friday 2nd for a wee 1 nighter. still reeling from missing comriecroft. :( nothing major just a wee campfire maybe a few beers (or whatever) & a gab. cheers gaz!
  8. gazmc2

    good news for water dwellers.

    from the bbc website, unsure if it has already been posted so apologies if it has. sounds good tho, i'll need to get practicing!! :canoe:
  9. gazmc2


    hi all, just a quick question, how do i put smileys into a post? i can only put them on the title, is there a way to do it i'm missing?? ta in advance! gaz!
  10. gazmc2

    lidl offer

    dont know if this has been posted already so apologies if it has. Lidl have a few outdoorsy offers on monday, dont have a link as im posting from my mobile & cant figure out how to do it, Anyway they have trousers that zip off into shorts for £9.99, boots, compass etc. Dont no what the...
  11. gazmc2

    numpty's on the loch

    unsure if this has been posted already but read it in the evening times today & found a link to a similar article in yesterdays times. totally shocking, the scumbags run riot & it's the people who genuinely appreciate the...
  12. gazmc2

    walk options in loch lomond

    i'm planning to go for a walk in loch lomond with my family on monday. i'm looking for options of a good route to take them bearing in mind my son is only 4 so a short but sweet walk would be ideal, he's only got wee short legs!! thanks!!
  13. gazmc2

    a walk in the campsies

    a few pics from my walk thismorning in the campsie hills. i was trying to get to the dumgoyne(if thats how you spell it) hill but am new to this & didnt know where to start, still unsure what is private land & what i'm allowed to walk on, was always waiting on someone coming out & chase me...
  14. gazmc2

    can you advise on a good book?

    hi there, i'm looking to get a good book on edible plants leaves etc. I have very little knowledge so a book with pictures for visual reference would be ideal. Also it would need to be relevat to scotland/britain. There are so many to choose from!! Thanks in advance!
  15. gazmc2

    lochindorb oct'09

    hope this works!!!!! just hopefully learned how to post pics but i'll know in a few mins whether i've cracked it or still have a lot to learn. i went for a wee trip to lochindorb near grantown-on-spey in october (after some good advice from here, thanks dogoak if you read this). my...
  16. gazmc2


    i went to blacks at the glasgow fort to get a light my fire fire steel last night as advised by someone on this forum. i came home with a 50litre rucksack, non-stick mess tin set, cutlery set, set of pegs & a survival tin, all for £38. i couldnt believe it, all backpacks are 50% off even the...
  17. gazmc2

    fire steel

    does anyone know where to get one of these in glasgow as i'm off out soon & dont have time to order over the internet?? ta!!
  18. gazmc2

    what size of rucksack

  19. gazmc2

    northern scotland in october

    i'm off up north in october & going to to get out for a couple of days. i was wondering what would be available for foraging (if anything), i know nothin of fungi so looking for the safe options i.e berries, roots etc. cheers!
  20. gazmc2

    what size of rucksack

    i have recently bought a hammock, tarp, sleeping bag & a few other goodies to start going out in the woods. the problem i have is i ordered a 30 litre rucksack (thinking 30 litres was a lot) but cant get everything in. i have since returned this & was wondering what size would be sufficient fo a...