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    Great sadness - Oliver Postgate Dies, aged 83

    Fondly remembered. I was seriously tempted to put this in latest news however for those of us of a certain age - which actually covers a broad span in time - have a look here David
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    Clearing out Father-in-law's stuff part 2

    This sale is now closed. Thank you all for your interest.
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    Clearing out father-in-law's posessions part 1

    The recent demise of Roy - my father-in-law - has led to a huge clear out. Listed below is are a number of coats and jackets, mostly suitable for our larger members, and the first of the books - some of which maybe of interest to some of you. All proceeds are going to the widow and all...
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    BCUK Borneo 2007 - An day at The Bush Pig and the building of a Fire Temple

    Whilst in Borneo, Stuart, Robin and I went for a trip to “Bush Pig” a little jungle camp built by Bod and some friends as a weekend retreat. Now to get to the Bush Pig, requires a 40-50 minute trek through the jungle which brings you to a large lake. Here we found a number of...
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    BCUK in Borneo 2007

    Firstly I must aplogise for the elapsed time of posting this and the event itself. BCUK in Borneo 2007 – Week 1 - A trek in the jungle About a year ago a group of BCUK members were talking around a fire (as you do) and it was decided that a trip to Borneo, on a shoestring budget, would...
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    Watch those cuts and scratches

    A news item on the BBC website today makes worthwhile reading. To quote a couple of key lines; "Virulent bugs are spreading outside hospitals and inside the community and may put lives at risk, experts say." The condition is spread...
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    Secret of Ice Fishing :D David
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    Bushcraft related shopping in Stockholm?

    Looks like I'll be in Stockholm for a week in Jan on business and was wondering if there's anywhere interesting to go have a look with the little free time I hope to get. Any suggestions? Thanks David
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    BBC Expedition Borneo

    Not sure if this has been posted but BBC1 in Jan looks very interesting :D We are pleased to announce the screening dates of the BBC/Discovery co-production series “Expedition Borneo” that Woody assisted in the making of over a seven week period at the start of the year...
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    The origins of bushcraft

    I was going to post this in the Skills forum as it does cover fire making, foraging and a few other relevant bits. Enjoy anyway David
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    Miniature Earth David
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    New Tarp

    Firstly I'm not in anyway associated with the company in anyway etc, etc. Just a happy customer. Just received my new tarp, custom made by Kathmandu Trekking A few of you have seen and commented on my 3x3 metre tarp, well this one is 4x3 metres with lots of loops positioned where I wanted...
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    Forum 3 - Voluntary & care services etc

    For those of you involved with or would like to be involved with charities, housing associations, local government, arts, social care etc, there is a recruitment volunteering event on in London (Islington) on 13th & 14th Octobter. More info here Rgds David
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    Dutch Oven Cook book & others for download

    Found this nice little resource with some interesting cooking ideas. I particularly like the Possum Cookbook at the bottom of the page :) David
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    Everest ER

    This Wednesday Night on BBC4 @ 21:00 - Everest ER - base camp hospital and work of the rescue team - could be worth a watch (even though I don't get BBC4 ) Moduser
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    The replacement for your favorite SAK

    This must be the best multi function knife available today,20036,1145812_1304110,00.html Moduser
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    The art of blade making

    I thought about putting this in edged tools but as a Japanese sword is not your average bushcraft carry :) Trust in the art of the bladesmith Quite incredible. Moduser
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    Coleman Colorado at Costco

    I have been relably informed that Costco are selling Coleman Colorado Canadian canoes 14ft ish for £234 inc vat. If anyone is interested :) Moduser
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    Fujian Tribe Wanted

    This may be interesting Moduser
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    A question recently posed to me

    If a man is walking alone in the woods and there are no women around to hear him, is he still wrong? Well, my other half thought it was funny! Moduser