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  1. daveO

    What is it?

    Or maybe the opposite, like part of a cigar humidor cabinet or something.
  2. daveO

    Swiss Army style knife suggestions?

    Did anyone actually get the toothpick firesteel in the end? They don't seem to have made it to the UK in any major way yet for some reason. I've upsized from the Hiker to the Officer's knife now just for the scissors. A worthwhile upgrade for gardening use if nothing else.
  3. daveO

    In the News Today

    Or hide and seek world champion. Sad to see badger baiting still exists in this country. "The court heard the previous convictions of the four defendants - Latcham has 12 previous convictions for 24 offences, including for causing unnecessary...
  4. daveO

    In the News Today

    When did ground up fish waste go from useful organic fertiliser to just being thrown into landfill?
  5. daveO

    Conversations with a salesman....

    My sister once drove past me picking hazel nuts out of a hedge. She stopped and the conversation went a bit like: 'What the hell are you up to now?' o_O 'Nutting' I replied 'Well you're obviously up to something' :shifty: 'Yeah nutting' 'Fine, don't tell me then!' :mad:
  6. daveO

    Be Careful !

    Ouch, poor kids. I'll stick to the whistle cap and carry the water separately I think. My M-kettle can be a bit of a health and safety nightmare when it boils because it spits water about and you have to pick it up by the body of the kettle. It also gets burning sticks stuck to the underside...
  7. daveO

    Pocket Victorinex

    I was building a greenhouse last weekend and got the tips of 2 fingers trapped between the sharp edge of one of the panes of glass and a very strong spring clip. If I hadn't had my SAK in my pocket to pry them free I would have been in a bit of trouble.
  8. daveO

    Conserving Gooseberry seeds

    What were the spines like on the stems? I've got one red variety and it's got much less spines than most of my green ones. The fruit is much sweeter too, more like a grape than a gooseberry. I can't remember the cultivar name now though. There's bushes growing there though that have been...
  9. daveO

    Conserving Gooseberry seeds

    They take so easily from cuttings that I'd stick to that. Seed could produce a hybrid plant or might even be sterile so if the original plant form is what you want to preserve then cuttings are the way to go.
  10. daveO

    Anger amid rise in 'dirty camping' in rural Scotland

    I feel bad for farmers in a way. Margins can be slim enough without having to pay for commercial waste disposal as well and until someone comes up with a compostable bale wrap they don't have much choice but to use plastic. There are farm dumps near me with metal (including full cars) that...
  11. daveO

    Anger amid rise in 'dirty camping' in rural Scotland

    There seems to be a huge divide in society now as more people strive to reduce waste while at the same time some people seem to be trying their hardest to create as much as possible. I like to think of them as the Greta Thunbergs and the Utter Scumbags. A local school group has put signs up in...
  12. daveO

    Rights of way.

    I've been involved in a few rather stupid ROW arguements. One involved a right of way that seemed to be incorrectly mapped. The ROW officer insisted it had to be as per the map as that was how it would have been historically but caved in when we pointed out the ancient dry stone wall and very...
  13. daveO

    Lose your knife, lose your life!

    My first SAK, bought for me by my dad while on holiday on Jersey, went overboard while we were fishing a few years later. It's the only knife I've ever lost.
  14. daveO

    did I see an unusual fox??

    I saw a large black dog in the woods when I was out shooting about 20 years ago. No owner around and in a private woods where people don't go to walk dogs. I was tucked up under a fallen tree and it padded along an animal trail not far away without apparently seeing or smelling me. It was...
  15. daveO

    Alternative to Craghopper winter trousers?

    Well I didn't buy any new trousers last winter but since we're having a heatwave now is the obvious time to buy thermal trousers right? :bucktooth: I found a pair for £21 though so patience has paid off.
  16. daveO

    For Sale Bushcraft knife 3mm 01

    I really like this. Funds are tight here at the moment but I'm going to have to have a serious think about this one :nailbiting:
  17. daveO

    The world's gone mad (again)

    A bit of a sad story on the BBC website this morning. "Thousands of knives and sharp objects are being confiscated annually at London family courts, with campaigners saying it showed how "desensitised" some people were to carrying weapons." "The figures for shorter blades include items of...
  18. daveO

    The 'I've found a bargain' thread

    A bit of an odd one but if you're after a Buff neck tube in baby/young kid's size then this polar one is a great price at £4.52. It's an add-on item so you need to be spending £20 to qualify for the discount...
  19. daveO

    Where are the butterflies?

    I've seen tons of bees and butterflies around here this year. I've never known the garden so full of bees and of so many different species too. The bee hotels are almost full now and the leaf cutter bees are only just starting so I need to make some rooms for them. I took a walk around the local...