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  1. bambodoggy

    Where can I go to legally practice all aspects of Bushcraft without permission?

    There's a newish member based not far from you in Lincoln, her name is Woodslady and from the few posts she's made so far it would seem she is the answer to your prayers :) She seems to have land and is keen for bushcrafters to go there and practice their skills. Maybe drop her a pm on here...
  2. bambodoggy

    How to determine potential water contaminants? (location: Pentland Hills, Scotland)

    Why use bleach if you don't think it'll work? I've had Giardia and I wouldn't wish it on anybody! Why not use chorine based puritabs or similar....or boil it, or even buy and use a small lightweight filtering system....there's loads about :) There could be alsorts in those reservoirs, as...
  3. bambodoggy

    Double-ended Whoopee Sling (for tarp guy-line)

    I don't think your post came over as a dig mate, well I certainly didn't read it that way :) Everybody's opinion is valid and each to their own :). If you like it then great, I think its neat too....just a little over kill for a tarp guy line IMO ;) Hang easy Hammock Man :)
  4. bambodoggy

    Double-ended Whoopee Sling (for tarp guy-line)

    That looks great....rather complicated etc but it looks good and if you're happy with it then good for you :) I tend to use a bungee or whatever scraps of cord I have with me and whatever knots I fancy tying at the time lol :) I try not to do the same thing all the time as I feel it inhibits my...
  5. bambodoggy

    Some PVC archery fun!

    Brilliant, looks like lots of fun. I got my 6 year old a child's recurve for christmas but at 15lbs it's still a bit of a struggle for him to draw properly.....might have to make him a PVC bow in the meantime :) Cheers :)
  6. bambodoggy

    Traditional build

    Cool, thanks :)
  7. bambodoggy

    Traditional build

    Anybody know what country he is in? Thanks, Bam. :)
  8. bambodoggy

    Putting up Large tarps.

    +1 to this from Me! got a couple of these after a recommendation from a bushy mate and they are great for car camping, canoe camping etc....where you don't have to carry them far :)
  9. bambodoggy

    Unknown raptor - lucky find!

    I'm no expert but I'd say Buzzard too :) Lucky vid, nice one :)
  10. bambodoggy

    Guernsey Trees for Life tree and wood fair 2015

    Welcome Loydy, beautiful part of the world you hail from, I used to live in Jersey myself. I'm sure somebody or other on here will have the skills you require or know where to point you too. Hope yours is more than a passing visit here, it's a great forum and fantastic resource :) Cheers...
  11. bambodoggy

    A wanderer returns

    Good to have you back Mate :)
  12. bambodoggy

    Kevin McCloud's Escape to the Wild

    My mrs recorded the first few for me, we watched the Tongan one last night and I'm just watching the Chilian now :) I'm rather enjoying them....and so is the mrs :)
  13. bambodoggy

    A small crop of Strawberries ...

    We've got heaps of them growing round here, unfortunately they grow mainly along the paths used by dog walkers (including me) and pretty much the entire crop has been irrigated by doggy I tend to leave them to the local wildlife to enjoy ;) Used to have a decent size patch in my...
  14. bambodoggy

    Horses hoof?

    Certainly looks like HH to me, nice find :) Shame about the vandalised birches, there are some right muppets out there practicing our hobby!
  15. bambodoggy

    guy builds wattle and daub shelter

    That was very interesting, thanks for posting that :) Does anybody know where in the world he was? Cheers, Bam. :)
  16. bambodoggy

    Bivi bags

    Because a bivvi bag is supposed to keep out water and a sleeping bag isn't.....the same way you don't have a zip down the side of a dry bag for convenience. Also a bivvi bag is able to lay in a puddle (personal experience in Brecon) or mud where a zip could be compromised by the mud or breached...
  17. bambodoggy

    Barrel jellyfish

    Be interested to hear if you do find out anything, thanks Rory :)
  18. bambodoggy

    Barrel jellyfish

    Can they be eaten? ;)
  19. bambodoggy

    Identifying Birds of Prey

    I'm no expert but from your discription was thinking Sparrowhawk maybe? ? ?
  20. bambodoggy

    Bivi bags

    I've got a hunka and they are brilliant, however, they are tight and if you are any bigger than me (5'11 and 14.5 stone) you will need the larger one...I have the standard and it's very tight to the point I only use it when weight is an issue and use the British issue one the rest of the time...