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    Copyright is automatic to the creator - tagging it is jsut what people do. As I'm typing this I'm theoretically copyrighting it to me!!!
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    Rattling Trangia

    Hmmm, take metal items and place them in a metal container with catches and hooks pn the outside - doesn't scream stealth at me. I guess that I could pack it up with stuff on the inside and do that each and every time I want it to be quiet (something to absorb that meths smell perhaps ...
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    Well said!
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    The bottom line of all this is that fair use of not, bcUK doesn't have permission from the copyright holder. Whatever individuals want to do is their own business and if someone kicks off about it, it's their responsibility. When members post here they accept responsibility for any...
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    Sourcing credit doesn't mean a thing ... I could tell you here that I will let you use XYZ in a book or on a website and then sue you later because I could say it wasn't me that typed this but my cat (or maybe that cat from next door, I don't like the look of that). The only way you can be...
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    Chat room offline..

    It's very sad when things like this happen but they are inevitable as that is the nature of groups, be they on the internet or not. I'm saddened and disappointed by the behavior shown by Young Bushman (also known as bushwackerscott and Ravenlord) towards Martyn and equally saddened to notice...
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    Birthday Thread!

    This explains it:
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    Why do people say... A better way to phrase it is "in a climate like we have in the UK lowlands, colder air doesn't encourage snowfall".
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    Referral problems

    Between the error message, the image you've put up there and trial and error and I think I can see the problem you have: You have a space at the beginning of the email address (I can see it in the screen snag you have there). See in the attachment how the J in the name doesn't line up with the...
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    Dumb question - What fuel do alcohol stoves run on?

    I wonder is if burns cleaner? Probably does because Methyl Violet is described in the Materials Safet Data Sheet as: Lower down: Hydrogen chloride isn't going to be good for the little burner.
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    Dumb question - What fuel do alcohol stoves run on?

    I'd love to see a Trangia running on screenwash!
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    Within the spirit of the law

    I think that Heinnie are the UK distributors for Opinel (think ... ). Drop them a line and they're bound to help.
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    Crusader Cup Lid?

    Not seen them in ages ... sorry.
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    Dumb question - What fuel do alcohol stoves run on?

    UN1170 methylated spirit is 90% ethanol, 3% methanol with traces of wood naptha and pyridine and the color comes from 1.5 ppm methyl violet. A good trick to reduce sooting when using meths is to mix it with 10% water.
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    Happy birthday theviking

    :Crazy_071 :cake:
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    Do you think I've voided my warranty?

    Nice - that looks so much better than a standard S1!
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    Unable to post meet up on the calendar?

    The delay is .... IT'S A WEEKEND! :wink:
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    1 for the GPS experts

    Or you can have a small 12v power pack. The solar panels we use a SMARTSolar - - these are very good indeed and even under weak sunlight they can deliver quite impressive power levels.
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    1 for the GPS experts

    They basically are the same unit ... identical memory, screen, antenna. The interface is a little different on the Foretrex for that's about it.
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    1 for the GPS experts

    Two things really: 1 - The Foretrex is a wrist mounted device - if you think that this is useful, then factor this in, otherwise it can be a pain. 2 - Secondly, the Geko can be powered from a 12v supply (with the right cable, available from while the Foretrex is, if I...