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    What Three Words

    As I said, I only have it installed as it is sometimes the only location information that is provided, the OS app does look good. However the what three words app seems to be marketed much more!
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    What Three Words

    I have it installed, as at work we have been finding more people using it and none of our mapping equipment is compatible with it. Seems ok. Do I think an OS grid reference is better? Yes, but do I always have an OS map with me? Most people have there phone. It is a handy bit of tech.
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    Food shortage again?

    Toddy, give this one a go. It’s a good substitute for Worcester. Hendersons Relish
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    State Pension Awareness.

    I thought the state retirement ages had already been aligned? That seems to be the case on the age U.K. Website and the .gov page to calculate your retirement date does not ask for gender.
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    How to protect your Ferro-Rod?

    Clear nail varnish, works fine. Easy to take off and lasts a wee while.
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    Sold Tru-nord compass

    Tru-nord 150c Zipper pull / key ring model compass It has been carried and has a nice patina on the brass (could be polished off if required) Great condition, works as it should, moves freely. Full spec here (Bic lighter for scale, not included in sale) I am looking for £50 delivered to a...
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    Notebook recommendations? I have had one of these for a few years, really handy for organising notes.
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    Packable towels

    I found all the microfibre towels pretty poor, and after a short time in use picked up a nasty damp smell. I moved over to a Hamman towel, its light, dries me and dries off quickly and is a decent size which can be really handy from time to time! Louis
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    Plastic string/rope: wrong or right?

    That's less than three months use from a mug, how many styrofoam cups would you have thrown away in that time? And as an aside, most of my mugs are 10+ years old. Much better than anything plastic. Louis
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    What did you buy today?

    great series! Love watching it ! The pilot episode with Mr Hiddins in a land cruiser is worth a watch on YouTube too.
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    For Sale Ray Mears 25th Anniversary knife

    I wonder what happened there, all was fine a while back!
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    Bird calls/sounds

    Does it sound like
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    Roof Tent

    I had a Brownchurch model on my 110, I Know the weight was well forward and it was an old model so fairly heavy but very rugged. Made the car wallow like a pig. Used it all year around in the UK, down to -7 was warm enough, the canvas kept the wind out and kept it dark in the early sunrises...
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    outdoor kitchen

    It does not look a bad set up to me, having the fire and associated embers raised up makes life so much easier, I may have tried to get the fire area on the left a bit larger, so you are able to move heat around to set up different cooking zones. The flat prep area on the right looks handy too...
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    ash dieback

    I had a ADB tree split out in the wind a few weeks ago. I found this site Quite helpful to look at...
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    Go Pro Hero 8 Black Reviews

    I just picked one up, seems handy and intuitive. But not used it much at the moment.
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    Infantry Style watch ?

    Got to disagree with you there. I have 2 issue watches. ‘96 and ‘09 dated ones and neither are GTLS.
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    Sold Woodlore, Alan Wood/Ray Mears

    A quick weekend bump!