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  1. Tadpole

    20 sleeps till the Moot

    It’s funny what things strike you those strange moments of Stillness. I was sitting at work thinking about the moot and wondering how long it is till I get there and for some unknown reason calculated it in sleeps (20) It was then my thoughts turned to Drew Dunn, who again will be missing from...
  2. Tadpole

    Gunther Holtorf's 23-year road trip

    Around the world 20 times with two leica cameras
  3. Tadpole

    Brynglas tunnel M4

    For those of us heading to the Moot A long the M4, what news of the Tunnel? has it been fixed after the fire or are there problems still? Is it worth driving through Newport (Dock road)to miss the problem or do you think it will be cleared afore then? Any routes that the locals use that will...
  4. Tadpole

    Making moccasins (and going to the Moot)

    Does anyone who is going to the moot know how to make moccasins (the two piece type with the Vamp and sole) I’ve a mans sheepskin leather jacket that I want to turn into a pair for a Friend. And don’t want to mess it up. Any hands on help and advice would be Greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Tadpole

    lamb to the slaughter

    This is why kids think meat comes from the supermarket, Marcus the lamb "Parents at a Kent primary school are angry that a sheep hand-reared by pupils is to be slaughtered for meat" :tapedshut
  6. Tadpole

    City park Fungi id

    This is growing on the base of a tree cut down about two years ago. The council left the felled trees as a place for kids to explore. Any Idea what it is? In real life it is a(was) more vibrant yellow
  7. Tadpole

    Cobwebs Photograph pictures (well some of them

    The Top two are pictures I took purely after what what Cobweb said, in the early part of the course, the second two are from a stroll in the sand dunes, a day or so later. I've no idea what the Black and red Moth is, other than there were dozens of them hatching all at the same time, and the...
  8. Tadpole

    Dying problems

    I’ve just made some sheaths out of an off cut of “Natural veg tanned leather” bought I will admit from eBay. I was careful when sewing/ handling it, washing my hands and keeping every thing as clean as I could, all appeared to be good. However when it came to dying it, the dying is not as...
  9. Tadpole

    When will the Bushmoot go on sale?

    I’m guessing that there will be a new pricing structure, as the moot is being held over a longer period. Any Idea what that structure will be and what the cost of staying from the Friday to the Friday will be? and when will we be able to book places :) I can't say bushmoot without smiling :D
  10. Tadpole

    Millions of pounds are owed to UK parents and families

    Editted to remove the scam that I fell for The Entitlements Agency - 'A CHEEKY SCAM. VERY WELL DIRECTED, BUT A SCAM NO LESS. IF YOU CONTACT THE REVENUE DIRECTLY VIA your PAYE code or your UTR you can claim, and check the claim for FREE. These people make u fill in the 64/8 and the PAYEE...
  11. Tadpole

    Frosty sunday morning

    f/8.0 1/600 iso 160 saved as a tiff, file The image was first desaturated, (there was not a whole lot of colour in it anyway) then put through a program called Dynamic-photo HDR. I increased the brightness of the image by 10 and the colour by .1 surface smoothness was increased by .38...
  12. Tadpole

    fire starter birthday present

    It’s my niece’s christening this weekend, so I had to finish my BIL’s belated birthday present, being the father he will be there. I owe him a birthday present and so made him something I think is useful, he's just getting in to the bushcrafting side of living near a largest...
  13. Tadpole

    My first leather sheath

    My first all leather sheath, the cutting and stitching is not brilliant , I’ve yet to wax/finish polish it but it looks ok in real life. It’s a left handed sheath. I made it to fit the B-I-L’s clipper, only it was a tad loose, so the BIL will soon have a Mora 780 in carbon. I have enough left...
  14. Tadpole

    Cleaning leather before dying it?

    I’m making my very first knife sheath, it’s a part of gift I am making for my B-I-L, for Christmas. Therefore, I want to get it right. How do I clean the leather before dying it, I’ve handled the leather quite a lot, and I am worried that my fingerprints/natural oils will affect the leather...
  15. Tadpole

    dog chew thonging

    What if any special treatment would I need to do, to make thonging rawhide, cut from a dog chew, suitable for a bow drill cord? Any help or advice much appreciated
  16. Tadpole

    Leather (at the moot)

    Not sure where to put this question. Mod’s feel free to move/delete as necessary:You_Rock_ Will anyone going to the Moot be selling any leather 2-3mm thick, suitable for making sheaths for clippers. I’m looking to buying enough to make two sheaths and a mask for a Gransfor Bruks Small forest...
  17. Tadpole

    Fishing knife/saw

    When I was a lad, I had a fishing knife that was my pride and joy, it was given to me by my Dad for going fishing. It had two blades, one was a proper knife blade, carbon, I think, as it was forever tarnishing in the off-season. The other was a proper (working) saw blade, it was great for...
  18. Tadpole

    Quail eggs

    What would to do with 10 quail eggs, I was thinking of poaching them, or maybe scrabmling them with some Fresh Rock Samphire. but I've only ever had boiled quail eggs so I don't know.
  19. Tadpole

    Google Map Pedometer

    Not sure where to post this, Found this great little website that uses google earth. It allows you to trace/overlay a route on google earth map (Online) and it shows you the distance traced. I used it to trace a route my family and I walked on Sunday. It’s quicker than using a pencil and...
  20. Tadpole

    a common flying insect, but which one?

    Taken in the evening on a very wet day, in Staffordshire It's sitting on the leaves of a young oak tree, (covered by tiny galls under the joint of the leaf and branch) Olympus C5000C exposure 1/100 F8 macro setting 1 (approx 23cm from subject) fill in flash