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  1. bronskimac

    Operation Loch Watch Perthshire, Tayside Police and others 7th April

    From A very welcome operation. Hope it's the first of many.
  2. bronskimac

    Not so lovely "Look What We Found"

    I've noticed that quite a few here use "Look What We Found" packets for boil in the bag. I tried the Tees Valley Beef Bolognese one a while ago and it was on a par with the tinned stews/bolognaise from my first student days circa 1980's, I took two spoonfuls and slung the rest. Are the others...
  3. bronskimac

    Wool, warm when wet?

    I have heard that wool keeps you warm when it is wet. Is this true or a bushcraft myth? Any other materials do the same? Any materials to avoid when it's wet? Planning my first winter camp and want to give myself the best chance of surviving :hatscarf:
  4. bronskimac

    Newbie Winter Camping Kit

    Hope this is in the right place. I have been a bike rally camper for a few years. This winter will see me take my first foray into Scottish winter camping. I think I have the clothing sorted, plenty of merino socks, longjohns, vests and layers. Some good boots that have proved their...
  5. bronskimac

    Chris fa Dundee

    Hi Pretty new to the whole bushcraft thing. I camp occupationally but that has mostly been a one nighter with a group or at a motorbike rally, not realy living off the land there :camping: I recently bought a Barnet Diablo Pro 2 catapult/slingshot, that is what has sparked my interest in...
  6. bronskimac

    Newbie fa Dundee

    Just recently gotten interested in bushcraft. Lots to learn. I noticed that there are a few bikers here. I ride a tatty old Honda NVT600K with 106,000 on the clock. Chris