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  1. Cromm

    And they were going to burn the lot.

    Been on my holidays and came across a few guys starting to make a bonfire to clear some dead wood that had no use and they had a pile of " weird stuff " they wasn't to sure what to do with apart from put it on the fire. I said I would take it if they didn't mind? Tennis ball to show size.
  2. Cromm

    Flag Fen.

    Is it worth a visit? I'm staying near by and was thinking of going? Thanks for your help.
  3. Cromm

    Danny Reid

    Hi all, Is there a guy on here called Danny Reid? If there is could you point him out to me or if you are him PM me please. Nothing bad just wanted to ask a question. Cheers
  4. Cromm

    Time change

    Yippee one more hour in bed.
  5. Cromm

    Bell tent stove.

    Hi, I have got down to two wood stoves for the bell tent. But not sure from there which one? So which one do you good people think out of these two
  6. Cromm

    What is it and should it have those lumps on it's back ?

    As title says really. Thank you.
  7. Cromm


    Now I know there has been a few posts about bows, arrows and archery itself, but I would like to start this page for people who are archers. Now I love archery it is one of the things I will make time in any day to do. There is just something about it that I love. I own a few bows and make up...
  8. Cromm

    Was looking for something to read.

    Well I have a kindle and have a look at different types from time to time and found a good book, it's science fiction which I don't normally read, but thought I've spent more money on a lot less, lets give it a go. Well for the writers first book I hope there is more to come. The book is...
  9. Cromm

    25th October 1415.

    To the boys who won on this day 598 years ago. I will lift a glass to your shades.
  10. Cromm

    Cannot see photos on my phone.

    Hi, as it says I used to be able to see them, but now all I have is blue squares with question marks. What am I doing differently? Ta for all your help.
  11. Cromm

    Thank you Dwardo.

    I would just like to say thank you to dwardo for making me a great bow. I have had this bow for a little while now and should have taken some photos of it for him and others to see. But life has got in the way...Sorry....Well the last three days I have been trying to find arrows to match the bow...
  12. Cromm

    Blackstone bushcraft??

    Hi all, Have anybody heard of these people-company? Seemingly they are two guys and in East Anglia. One of the names is Mark Barker I think. Thanks
  13. Cromm

    Well here we go.

    Well I am using some of the trade items I got for my bows. I've put the tent up in the back garden this afternoon it's been poured on twice but seems dry inside. I am in the softie10 sleepingbag on top of the inflatable mat feeling warm listening to my four year old son softly snore next to me...
  14. Cromm

    Hair on deerskin plains indian style quiver.

    Hi, This is my 6th quiver in this style. It can hold up to 36 arrows, the arrows are fully covered so they are dry at all times as you can see in one of the photos. I have left the strap full lenght so you can cut to size. Would like £95 or would trade for the right items........ Thanks...
  15. Cromm

    Arrows for sale or Swap.

    Here are some photos of the arrows. Weight and spine matched 64lb POC yellow crest with white and black bars, fully varnished. Helical fletch some 4in some 5in. 9 of these. Sold. 60-65lb POC wood arrows. Two red one barred red 6in tailed shield feathers. 10 of these. £50 payapl. 60-65lb...
  16. Cromm

    3 bows for sale.

    First of three bows for sale is a Bamboo back and Sycamore belly recurve bow with Whipsnake skins over the Bamboo. It has birch bark bindings covering the end of the skins and blue painted tips.... Lovely bow to shoot and it is fast. 55lb at 28in and is 64in long. £120 to your door...
  17. Cromm

    Gill your PM box is full.

    Hi, Cannot reply as box is full I am told. Cheers
  18. Cromm

    Second Bow for sale or swap.

    Hi all, This bow is a Samick Sage take down bow. 55lb at 28in and is 62in long. Great bow but not for me, I got the bow for the fact that it has a KISS style of putting the limbs on ie two screws one for each limb that can be done up or undone by hand without an allen key. It was to be my...
  19. Cromm

    Bow for sale or swap.

    Csaba Grozer is a renouned Hungarian maker of traditional European and Asian Design Bows. These bows are short and heavily recurved which makes them fast and accurate. I have a few bows that I don't shoot anymore and think I should sale on or swap. This bow is around 60lb at 28in. Around 50in...
  20. Cromm

    Starting off.

    Hi, OK what kit would you say you should buy if you are starting of in bushcraft and camping? Makes would help or links to websites for everything a newbie would need to camp in the east of the UK?? Thanks for your help in this matter.......