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    Alternatives to paracord ?

    i also like jute twine because its biodegradable. As for jobs that require strenght, prussikcord/climbing accesory cord. 5mm and up will support you body weight.
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    Lowe Alpine Sting heads up £80

    i thought you had a karrimor sabre 85-100... ?
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    5.11 Tactical Operator’s Belt for Abseiling and Backaches

    Please don't use it as a replacement for a climbing harnass. It certainly isn't one. Might be usefull in a very last resort, but otherwise just carry a harness with you. If you carry rope, you might as well carry the harnass.
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    Dutch bushcraft meeting

    sorry guys, i can't come either. I think i really need that weekend to prepare for mine graduation. Almost getting mine bachelor degree !
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    Dutch tin mugs

    nope, the dutch one is based on the US design. So it will NOT fit british issue bottles.
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    Dutch bushcraft meeting

    Jurjen, i'm not 100% sure yet, but a very high chanche i will be there.
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    Multi fuel stove on eBay

    It has a diffrent control knob and diffrent pump than the ebay one. he ebay one looks a lot like the kovea model...
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    Multi fuel stove on eBay

    rik are you sure you van burn paraffin in the stove? The print on the box says Gas + white gasoline, It also doesn't have other jets supplied with it.
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    polar pure on ebay

    nothing special is it? 10.99 pounds seems a little steep. BENSBACKWOODS has them both on ebay and on his website: and...
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    Dutch bushcraft meeting

    i have no plans on those days yet.
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    Will Trangia accessories work with Svea stoves?

    Svea is a brand of stove's. Well it used to be, Which one are you talking about? The alcohol stove, the gasline/petrol stove's, etc ?
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    any tips for a 2,5x2,5 mtr tarp/basha

    Uh... i don;t know. There website is still up, but they don't reply to emails anymore. And thanks irishlostboy, for the suggestion. But I'm no good with sewing. And 100% waterproof is a must for me. Parachute material will simply leak. I have been looking at the Tatonka, but that one is a...
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    any tips for a 2,5x2,5 mtr tarp/basha

    Hi guys, After having used mine Australian hootchie for a few years, I'm looking for something slightly bigger. Currently I'm looking for a lightweight (up to 800grams) 2,5x2,5 tarp, with ridge lines loops and loops on the sides. Preferred colors are green or brown. I have tried to...
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    any tips for a 2,5x2,5 mtr tarp/basha

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    Wanted: 2.5x2.5 mtr tarp/basha

    Wanted: a lightweight 2.5x2.5 mtr tarp/basha, prefered color is olive/green-ish. Brown is good too. Should not weight more than 700 grams. Stuff i got for trade: - Austalian Hootchie/flysheeth, including lines. Very good condition. - Coleman F1 lantern, with 5 spare mantles and a adapter...
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    LED torch

    dealextreme sells plenty of other good lights. If you buy the single high powered led's, you will get plenty of light and plenty of reach. Look at the CREE and the SCC-P4's.
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    Polar pure uk distributer

    i tryed to order one at ebay, posting to europe was no problem at all... but the stupid saler just run out of supply.
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    PRE-MAC personal water purifier model pwp

    i used to have them, but it's really heavy and easy to knock over (top heavy) . It is really quick, though... I sold mine and bought a proper ceramic filter
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    how much is the price for the firefly and P&P to the netherlands?
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    Dutch Bushcraft meeting

    i'm going to the meetup, but not giving any workshops.