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    Aldi small cast iron flying pan

    Aldi are selling a small cast iron pan, otherwise known by them as a Fajita sizzler. It's pretty good as a single person frying pan (24 x 17 cms) if you like using cast iron but are put off by the weight of a full size pan. Edit: I mean frying pan - it doesn't fly well.......
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    Minox 7 x 42 Compass Monocular

    For some time now I’ve been interested in getting some binos that had an in-built compass to assist me with navigation. With a compass in your binoculars you are able to take bearings on distant objects and then use them to accurately plot re-sections to determine your position. Most binos...
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    Heads Up - Lidl Vacuum Packer

    Lidl are offering a vacuum sealer reduced from £25 to £19.99 - available from 29 Dec
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    Clas Ohlson New Store in Cardiff

    Just to let everyone know, there's a new Clas Ohlson Store in Cardiff. Clas Ohlson 42-44 Grand Arcade St. David's Dewi Sant Cardiff, CF10 2ER Telephone number 0845 - 671 8610 opening hours Normal opening hours Weekdays 09:30-20:00 Saturdays 09:30-18:00 Sundays...
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    phytophthora - a warning

    Copied over from the Song of the Paddle website and I think that this could be very pertinent to those coming over to the Bushmoot "phytophthora - a warning - Sorry to sound a bit portenteous, but this is something that needs to be known about and understood by all those who may be out and...