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    Jacket/coat recommendations

    Hi all, I've been looking for a decent cold weather jacket which is waterproof. I've seen a few 3 in 1 jackets and they seems to fit the bill but I'm struggling to find one as there are so many choices. If anybody could recommend me a jacket that is well insulated and waterrpoof I'd be very...
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    Trapping/collecting crayfish

    Hi guys I was wondering if crayfish are present down south wales? And what to look out for in trying to find them, I've heard of burrows but not really sure on habitat. Of course they will be in streams and small rivers but do they prefer a certain ground type, silty? Sandy, mud. I'm in...
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    Scrap metal gas forge

    Hi guys, for a while now I have wanted a tidy knife and not have to pay the big price tags that come with them so I decided to make a knife and also a gas propane forge from scrap metal (Stainless 316L, tube, sheet). I decided to fabricate this as I know it won't cost me much and I already have...
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    Hello from South Wales

    A big hello to everybody, I'm Brendan from Llanelli, South Wales. I thought it's about time I signed up here to access a wealth of information, hopefully I can also return some knowledge one day haha Cheers