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    Swedish snow parka, US M51 wool trousers, Norwegian backpack

    Hi, few bits for sale. The first two I have only just got but they are too big for me and I don't find the backpack comfortable. Sorry for the poor quality mobile phone photos... 1. Sold pending funds - Swedish snow parka, was bought as 50", says C46? (see pics) seems unworn to me, group of...
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    Czech army sleep system?

    Hi anyone have any experience or opinions on these Czech army sleep systems?
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    Jonnson Mora on sale

    E Jonnson Mora spotted this price reduction from £7.99 to £4.99 on MilitaryMart, not much I know but thought some folk might be interested... no links etc....
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    Lidl folding saw £3.49 from 15/04

    saw this and thought some might want a heads up about it on sale from Thurs 15/04 - £3.49
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    beginner with issues!

    I'll admit it from the start, I know nothing about bush craft, wood lore etc I'm not desperate for a world of adventure and risk, I'm hoping I can spend some time out in the woods, around a fire, getting to learn about the environment and getting to learn how to feel comfortable within that...
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    another new face woefully inadequate at all this but have a yearning for quiet times with a campfire. Few health issues also making me worried about taking the plunge but we'll see.... anyway, there is a lot of fascinating stuff on here and I'm enjoying it a lot, I propably won't...