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    any tips for a 2,5x2,5 mtr tarp/basha

    Hi guys, After having used mine Australian hootchie for a few years, I'm looking for something slightly bigger. Currently I'm looking for a lightweight (up to 800grams) 2,5x2,5 tarp, with ridge lines loops and loops on the sides. Preferred colors are green or brown. I have tried to...
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    any tips for a 2,5x2,5 mtr tarp/basha

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    Wanted: 2.5x2.5 mtr tarp/basha

    Wanted: a lightweight 2.5x2.5 mtr tarp/basha, prefered color is olive/green-ish. Brown is good too. Should not weight more than 700 grams. Stuff i got for trade: - Austalian Hootchie/flysheeth, including lines. Very good condition. - Coleman F1 lantern, with 5 spare mantles and a adapter...
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    loads for trade

    Wanted a fallkniven DC3, DC4, bushcraft books, eatbile plant books and anything else that can lighten my pack. I'm living in the Netherlands, so beware of postage costs. Stuff i got for trade (no not everything for just a DC4): Flashlights: - JetBeam C-LE, CREE P4 LED, 1 AA, Type 3...
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    waterproof socks size XL

    for trade: A pair of waterproof socks, in the size XL. The little paper in the clear (now opened) plastic bag says Sock liner MVP and some care instructions. They sent me the wrong size, when i ordered them. Up for trade for anything usefull.
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    Pre-mac PWP question

    i just received a pre-mac PWP, thats the gravity filter from pre-mac. When i shake it or just tilt it, i hear a sound, like rough sand/small pellets moving around. Also the center of gravity of the filter seems to change. Is this normal?
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    torch: aurora 2AA

    i bought 2 aurora's 2AA, but after using one for awhile. I thought the beam was a little to focused for most of my short range uses. So my second aurora, still in it's unopened package is up for trade. For the record this is a hand held torch, NOT the aurora headlight. I would like to trade for...
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    5gallon millbank for a single person model.

    Got a old but unused groups model millbank left, it's way to large for my purpose. Does anybody have something interesting to trade with it? Stamp on the top of the millbank says: CN 2468 5 Gallon 1966 (---some kind of logo---) SHJ has some storage stains, but not much.
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    headlight: tikka XP or EOS ?

    i have been watching and searching for a new more powerfull headlight for awhile. After lots of searches and stuff i end up with 2 good headlights to chouce from. The Petzl Tikka XP and the princetec EOS. They are both powered by a 1 watt luxeon LED, both have selectable mode's, both are about...
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    Is this tinder fungus ?

    well is it ? Or what is it, if it isn't tinder fungus ?
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    swedish mess kit windscreen question ?

    Does anyone know wheather the swedish windscreen and alcohol stove will fit the east german mess kit ? Can't find a complete swedish mess kit in holland.
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    which size ortlieb bag fit in a sabre 45 best ?

    i'm trying to find a waterproof bag for the main compartment of my sabre 45, which ortlieb bag fit in the sabre the best ? Waterproof bags are always wrongly shaped for a bagpack and the size's they make are never the same as a packpacks... i have tried contracters garbage bags, but i can't...
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    how do you fix taping ?

    i got a british army ponhco and a 3layer goret-tex jacket, which are both taped and on both of them they are starting to let loose, on the poncho 1/3 is just dangeling... how do you fix this ? Can i just tape some glue and glue it back ? or should i do something else ? I can not afford to send...
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    repairing ideas for a bivy ?

    I got a dutch army bivy, they have those 2 big strap on the botom for a sleeping pad, so you won't roll off you pad wenn sleeping. Well i put mine pad IN the bivy, so i though i would save some weight by cutting away those straps, since i ain't going to use them anyways... right side of the...
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    a Dutch meetup ?

    i have spotted a couple of dutchies beeing active on this forum ? anyone want to meet up ?
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    how do you connect sidepockets to a sabre 45 properly ?

    well how do you ? I know there are zippers, where i can zip those side pockets on it, but what to do with the compresion straps on the pack ? They are standing in the way, the lower strab is to short to go around the sidepockets, i just push it down, so it is under the side pockets. The upper...
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    snugpak rocketpak

    i read that bigjackbrass has this one, but i wonder if he and/or other can write a good review of it ? has is the fit ? is it durable, etc. it is on mine "i want list" ( proberbly 6 month before it is on # 1 ) and i want to get informed properly before i get one, since they are not availbe in a...