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  1. burning

    CBT training

    First I'd like to say well done there's nothing that beats that buzz :) My first was a Honda 90 placky I bought with money from a paper round, 25 quid for a steep learning curve in howto fit a new piston and rings. Had a few bikes but I'm currently on an old FZR 750 and she can still dance...
  2. burning

    Stopped again.

    The Noggsy gang are the Nogga Dogs and they are a teenage gang from Norris Green, are you a social worker by any chance? The Crocky Crew live in Croxteth...... I would normally have no idea about all this but my ex workmate was a native of Norris Green and a nice guy to boot. Ever hung out in...
  3. burning

    Bivvi near Manchester

    I'd head down the road to Macclesfield way, some nice woods round the limestone pavement and no wild animals since the macc lads jacked in ;)
  4. burning

    Post-apocalypse Bushcrafting and Scavenging to rebuild the world

    Easy answer, saltpeter = ebay, you could easily find cheaper if you looked around. How to tan leather? use the search function on this site there are tutorials, use someone elses brains for the tanning ;) edit::: there is a thread on here with a link to site with info on every type of...
  5. burning

    Sausage in lard

    replying to yourself with Hawkwind lyrics......... are you feeling ok ? :slap:
  6. burning

    Help With Building Log Cabin

    Another vote for alone in the wilderness, I have the full video on dvd. It shows Dick building his cabin from scratch to completion pm me if you want a copy ;)
  7. burning

    Best viking beard competition

    Wayland?? he has stubble. Have you guys seen mr.fennas sculpted merino thing?
  8. burning

    The Science of Water

    Thanks for taking the trouble, good read...... pm incoming :)
  9. burning

    Mystery Fungus

    What a beautiful pic.It reminds me of the hookah smoking caterpillar but I've had a few. Nice find :cool:
  10. burning

    Sausage in lard

    :lmao: :lmao:
  11. burning

    Sausage in lard

    No I don't know any links to info etc offhand, but how many people who raise animals humanely would buy the equipment for a mass disposal (ie factory process) of carcasses. :rolleyes:
  12. burning

    Sausage in lard

    Well there's the crux, MRM comes from the worst of all possible animal welfare scenarios farming wise. On the other hand it gives cheapish stodge to fill empty tums and uses nearly every part of the animal. Buying it is your choice, same as sweatshop clothes from the far east. Would the slave...
  13. burning

    Sausage in lard

    Be careful, my kung-fu is strong :240: :D
  14. burning

    Sausage in lard

    Admirable, starting to grow your own but one word of caution for the unwary (not nec you). A lot of the seeds sold these days are designed to be un-reproductive after 1 or 2 years, so you need to buy more. Best bet imho would be to scrounge a few off an auld lad on an allotment, they tend to...
  15. burning

    Sausage in lard

    There's been far to much talk of B.Grills on this board already :p :D
  16. burning

    You chaps enjoying any of that snow?

    Well Frank Zappa warned us about that in the 70's :yuck: :D
  17. burning

    Volunteers Needed

    Why not i can dig, plus it's a good excuse to have a day with family in Sunderland. BYOB? :D
  18. burning

    Some more recent pieces

    Hi john been busy....... if it was pink it prolly is mahogany, it's hard to identify once stained but the grain looked wider than usual possibly sappele ..... been scratching my head for a bit :) Why embarresed to be in a skip? I got Blackpool illuminations for xmas lights that were being...
  19. burning

    Some more recent pieces

    The 3rd spoon looks like mahogany to me but the 2nd doesn't. It's a lot harder to tell after it's oiled but the grain is wider than mahogany, looks like stained oak to me but it's a love spoon so who cares ? :grouphug:
  20. burning

    Unusual encounters in the wilderness

    You're all tripping off coffee according to the beeb Don't overdo it :nono: j/k mellow birds make you smile :240: