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  1. helixpteron

    Where can I buy one of these?

    They're showing as being in stock right now!
  2. helixpteron

    who likes small knives?

    I love my GB neck knife, its a lot of knife in a very small package.
  3. helixpteron

    Recommend me a folding shovel!!

    I have a Gerber NATO folding spade, which works as advertised! Reason for buying it was that if I rely on such a tool, I want to know it'll work, wanting one was pure coincidence...
  4. helixpteron

    MKettle Review

    You're holding out well, all it took for me was one read...
  5. helixpteron

    MKettle Review

    Great review! The Ultra Light Kettle Co. are superfast at responding to emails and accepts payment via PayPal, they're superfast at posting the orders out too, I got a tracking number in no time. An extra Silicone Stopper makes a worthwhile addition at £3.
  6. helixpteron

    A few bits and bobs to trade

    Ditto! (o:
  7. helixpteron

    A few bits and bobs to trade

    Replied... (o:
  8. helixpteron

    has anyone made a tipi?

    This guy did...
  9. helixpteron

    Heinnie Haynes

    My initial order for a Spyderco knife was wholly messed up, as was their response. One year on, I tried 'em... And they were great, and have been ever since!
  10. helixpteron

    Clas ohlson Norwich

    The one in Croydon won't display the Frosts knives or the Fiskars Saws, you have to ask for them, plenty of kitchen knives on display though! Hammers and chisels too!
  11. helixpteron


    I carry a small Luger Monocular when Packrafting, and a surprisingly powerful Swallow pocket telescope when not. I bought the Swallow from the Survival Aids store at Euston Station many moons ago.
  12. helixpteron

    A few bits and bobs to trade

    Hi, I'm interested in the headphones and have a brand new, sealed in manufacturer's blister packaging, Petzl e+Lite headlamp...
  13. helixpteron

    More New & Quality Kit For Sale

    I have to withdraw from this sale as I mistook the bag for a different type (as explained in PM). Apologies, Helixpteron.
  14. helixpteron

    Heads up! - Mora clipper 840MG on sale for £5

    I see that they have the Bacho Laplander at £15 too.
  15. helixpteron

    Outdoors GB has any body used them???

    I placed an order for multiple items and paid for everything in advance. The (eventual!) delivery showed numerous items not supplied, they emailed with delivery times which never materialized. After further false delivery times, I emailed a cancellation notice/refund request which they...
  16. helixpteron

    More New & Quality Kit For Sale

    I'd like the Exped bag if its still available please.
  17. helixpteron

    Heads up - Blacks Vouchers

    On the subject of Blacks... They've been running some terrific clearance sale prices lately!
  18. helixpteron


    Electronic gear.
  19. helixpteron

    MealGear - a box of!!!!

    These are really good gear, they also work well with JetBoil size pots. The cutting edge is surprisingly sharp too...
  20. helixpteron


    I'll take it! Please PM your details.