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  1. Tadpole

    Conquer the Advocado

    Put avocado and a small rock on a metal tray, heat on high until both are slightly soft, throw avocado away, eat rock, trust me it will be tastier.
  2. Tadpole

    Pine Tar Soap

    Can you put me down for a £4 bar as well.
  3. Tadpole

    what is the best cutlery option and why?

    You beat me to it. :)
  4. Tadpole

    Kit clearout - the other stuff

    thread necromancer:angel:
  5. Tadpole

    Cranachan Whisky - will it work?

    I've been making it for a few years, though I used raw cane sugar, and not honey (hate honey). Cheap(ish) blended Malt works best, and the taste mellows after about three months (I leave mine from the end of the summer raspberry season until Christmas) the Whisky soaked Raspberries taste extra...
  6. Tadpole

    A selection of tools

    being picky two are mallets :lmao:
  7. Tadpole

    Bushmoot 2014 Videos

    great videos, really brought it all back. (nice to see you at the wilderness yesterday)
  8. Tadpole

    Tree ID - anyone guess what tree this is?

    you are a very bad man, a very bad man indeed ;)
  9. Tadpole

    Bushmoot Dutch Oven Workshop

    I'd like to try making proper bread in the Dutch
  10. Tadpole

    How to clear a PC for passing on.

    I thought Tengu just wanted to give the computer to her Dad, and not sell it along with all her research in to making doomsday black hole generator, to the tech savvy ebay buying international master criminal.
  11. Tadpole

    My favourite fruit.....

    Same for Raspberry whisky, food of the gods.
  12. Tadpole

    How to clear a PC for passing on. free for 30 days of use, and will wipe then over-write all the hard disk with a standard US DoD Enhanced 7 pass overwrite, you can use the Peter Gutmann 35 passes setting but it takes many many hours (days)
  13. Tadpole

    Real Welsh Flannel

    John Fenna and Flannel in the same sentence, 'la chose la plus naturelle du monde'
  14. Tadpole


    Only one problem the cask and a half for general consumption won't last past lunch time :)
  15. Tadpole


    His sister
  16. Tadpole

    20 sleeps till the Moot

    It’s funny what things strike you those strange moments of Stillness. I was sitting at work thinking about the moot and wondering how long it is till I get there and for some unknown reason calculated it in sleeps (20) It was then my thoughts turned to Drew Dunn, who again will be missing from...
  17. Tadpole

    Bushmoot Virgin

    I took my daughter to the moot when she was 7, and after the first day didn't hardly see her unless she was wanting food. AS for taking up too much space, unless it's the big top you're taking I'm sure you'll find space enough. The Brady bunch find enough space for our nine adults and five kids.
  18. Tadpole

    Trouble Getting Council Permission?
  19. Tadpole

    Map of the BushMoot Site

    John You love it when the little kids come to your camp and sing to you in the early morning.
  20. Tadpole locked by FBI!?

    Looks like the "Money pac Ransom Virus"is still making the rounds