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    Heads up - cheap(ish) Karrimor Sabre 45

    Came across this on the Ray Mears site at the weekend, it's the cheapest I've ever seen a Sabre 45 being sold. I ordered on Sunday evening, arrived today. Looks and feels great, am off the end of the month to the highlands and islands to put it through its paces. Can't wait. No connection...
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    Midges and mozzies in Scotland - crikey

    Just watched one of those nature programs currently doing the rounds. Part of it set in Scotland, where I'm heading this summer, so I thought I'd better watch. Those midges were horrific, I've been blessed with soft southern midges up until now, never seen anything like it. I am planning on...
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    Dartmoor, North to South, a brief review and some thoughts

    I had the opportunity, finally, this week to trek across Dartmoor. Me and a mate decided to do it in 2 days, Okehampton to Ivybridge. Navigation was a serious issue, poor weather conditions rendered most fording points difficult to best avoided. I would definitely be more wary about planning a...
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    Care for your compass???

    Folks I have a couple of compasses that are no longer any good - erratic pointing and taking ages to settle. They were both left in the car for a while, and I can't help wondering if being near to a large lump of iron (the engine block) has degraded the magnetism. can this kind of thing...
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    West Coast Scotland - Recommendations Sought

    Hello all, title says it all. I've never been to the area before, and would really appreciate any recommendations. Ideas running through my head so far include: Canoeing - where's good for a 2 nighter, any rental nearby? Bothying - desperate to try a 2 night expedition; Culture - art...
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    Timber yard in home counties???

    Anybody know of any good timber yards in the home counties area? I want to try a couple of musical instruments so am considering the following woods - walnut, cherry, maple, sycamore. I'm hoping to find a friendly one where they don't mind you coming in and bombarding them with lots of...
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    A few lessons from 2012, and a few resolutions

    It's been a fun year, managed 3 expeditions out bushcrafting, Brecons, Dartmoor and some local woodland we were given access to. I learnt 3 good things this year: 1 - Dead gorse wood makes excellent fire wood. Really great for cooking, and easy to collect plentiful amounts (gardening gloves...
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    Snugpak Elite 2 advice needed

    Hi folks I recently took delivery of a Snugpak Elite 2, and on Saturday just gone, I finally got to test it out. Apparently it is comfort 2C extreme -3C My set up was bag with a silk liner, on a foam mat, all inside an army bivi bag. Wearing a merino top and hat. According to the local met...
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    Home made dubbin????

    Nowhere seems to sell dubbin anymore - in fact most of the shop assistants look a bit baffled at my request. A google search hasn't really satisfied me, so any of you make your own? I'm steering towards a mix of vegetable oil, bees wax and resin. Any ideas as to ratios?? Violin resin...
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    Proud day of shelter building in the woods

    Hi all, I work in an EBSD school for lads who are, for want of a better word, challenging. I've been doing a course with them promoting team work and problem solving, and have been using a lot of survival based scenarios. Today we took a risk, and took them out into the woods (managed pine...
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    Algarve for Xmas - any recommendations?

    I am off to the algarve for Xmas with SWMBO. We both fancy doing a bit of hiking. any places that you think should be on the to-go-to list? also, i want to go inland (up to the hills, so to speak). what kind of temperature and weather drop can I expect? TIA Alex
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    Burning bowl on kuksa - help

    Hi all, i decided to have a crack at making a kuksa. I was given a lovely blank of beech and decided to make a large kuksa. After having roughed out the exterior design I was shocked by just how bloody hard beech is (I swear I am never carving with beech again). I decided to burn out the bowl...
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    2 days/1 night Dartmoor or Brecon recommend please

    Hi folks, it's half term and I have the possibility of 2 days hiking with a night out under tarp. I would like to do Dartmoor or Brecon. I want to park up early morning and do a 2 day circuit. Any recommendations of where I can park safely overnight and have 2 days walk (hopefully with...
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    Coleman 424 double ring - opinions?

    Hi all I have got my dirty mitts on a coleman 424 - dual fuel, 2 rings. Never used one before. Worth hanging onto? Any opinions? TIA Alex
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    the Ridgeway - a broken man

    Just back from doing the Ridgeway (Overton to Streatley). After a really hectic term at school I felt I needed some solitude and quiet to decompress and get the kids ot of my hair. however due to a schools out for summer hangover I left packing till first thing in the morning - bad idea...
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    how much fuel to take - Swedish Army trianga

    Hi all. I''m off for a 4 day hike on Saturday, going to finally use my trianga with the spirit burner. I don't have any time to do any trials, so any advice on how much meths to take - am planning on 3 x breakfast (nosh & brew), 3 x diner (nosh and brew) and 3 x brew. TIA Alex
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    Making coffee in the bush????

    Folks, very soon I am off on a 4 day hike. now I lke a nice coffee in the morning, but it has to be real, not instant. The instant seems to have a laxative effect on me, which I definitely don't need in the bush. I do have a small cafetier, but it is glass, so I don't really want to take it...
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    Paracord bracelet - twisting problem

    Hi all just had a crack at making a couple of paracord bracelets. I have no problem with any of the knots, but the finished bracelet is twisting into a spiral. Any tips for me? TIA Alex
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    Frosts green plastic mora - revamp ideas?

    Hi all I have a frosts knife - the green plastic one. It's a great little knife, no complaints other than its plastic. I am not even considering re-handling it, but does anyone have any ideas of how I can tart it up so it doesn't look so..... well, plastic. As it is perfectly...
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    Dartmoor - 3 day circuit, recomendations please

    first weekend of half term and myself and SWMBO are planning on a 3 day circuit yomp over Dartmoor - park car, 3 days of 10-12 miles, 2 nights B&B to arrive back to the car. Any recommendations of where to go? We are both competent navigators. TIA Alex