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  1. helixpteron

    Planning & Preparation Prevents...

    This news story has a very high factor!
  2. helixpteron

    Snow Peak Titanium Flask

    Being that I don't drink alcohol, it may seem odd to buy a hip flask! :confused: I wanted a small bottle for water for the four times a day meds' I take for my spine injury and I'd always liked this Snow Peak version. Saw a used one on eBay and won it. Have to admit that when I got it, I...
  3. helixpteron

    Making a Fire Bowl.

    This video and blog details the fabrication of a fire bowl to fit a Montgomery Ultralight Chimney Kettle. The machinist is the self taught designer/maker of the Kettles, Devin Montgomery, and the workshop is the balcony of his flat. Credit: Devin Montgomery.
  4. helixpteron

    EDC Burrito

  5. helixpteron

    You Know You Want One...
  6. helixpteron

    (More) Utterly Ridiculous = £119:99 + £5:99 P&P

    Just when you thought that it couldn't get any worse than a £100+ spork... More (Numb) Skull, Sad Gear, here.
  7. helixpteron

    Utterly Ridiculous = £109:99 + £5:99 P&P

  8. helixpteron

    Kelly Kettle Alternatives!

    I like the concept of a volcano kettle, but I don't like the weight and bulk. I'd like something lighter and something stronger, and these two ideas on the Kelly Kettle concept address both, though in differing way's... 1: The Montgomery Kettle: I loved this from the moment I first set...
  9. helixpteron

    Glow Gadgets. Com

    This is a 'Heads Up' for the excellent service I received from Doc at Glow Gadgets, here. Not only was he extremely patient and good natured when I wasted his time by asking a question which was (VERY) clearly answered in his advert, and it pains me to think how I could have missed it! He...
  10. helixpteron

    BCUK Notices

    Saw the BCUK Notices on the site today and am impressed. Not seen them before and they really do work. I like 'em!
  11. helixpteron

    A Very Interesting Stove...

    Here! The technology! The pictures! The surprise... No batteries required for the fan!
  12. helixpteron

    Katadyn Desalinator... First Impressions.

    I like the ability to safely drink the water on which I Packraft, and the availability of potable water without the burden of carrying enough for one's journey. My Katadyn Pocket Filter and the even lighter Katadyn Mini Filter work well, but for complete autonomy I wanted a desalinator...
  13. helixpteron

    The problem with ordering from the US is...

    UK Customs! On Sunday 7/2, I bought a Katadyn Desalinator, and despite the seller's location having 30" of snow on the ground, the United States Postal Service collected the package the same day! I visited the Parcel Force Central London Depot to confirm the status of my order, and was...
  14. helixpteron

    Cheap WetFire Tinder Replacement!

    I guess that most of us are familiar with the benefits of WetFire Tinder and the WetFire Stove, if not, Google & You Tube are your friends..... The downside to WetFire Tinder is the cost, £5:95 for eight cubes, and that's without P&P! A member of BF, posted about Weber Lighter Cubes, which...
  15. helixpteron

    Could you bear to sleep in this?

  16. helixpteron

    Rhino Tarp Clips

    I just found this type, here, which are unlike any of the other I've seen.
  17. helixpteron

    Thread Moved - Access Denied: WHY?

    The Swap Shop Forum had a thread titled, 'Civilian Lab Scouter Harness Bag', which was moved and now has access denied. I am curious as to why this should be, given the issues raised in the thread.
  18. helixpteron

    Blade Materials Question

    Due to the recent confusion regarding blade materials, could some knowledgeable types help to confirm the difference between these two.
  19. helixpteron

    Tarp Clips.

    This company make some interesting tarp clips for multiple applications.
  20. helixpteron


    This company make what they describe as: "The world's first all-in-one waterproof jacket, tent and sleeping bag". Discuss.