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  1. Hugo

    Axe find

    Found another axe head to refurbish, bit of a clean up and sharpen then fit a new handle that I carved a few weeks ago. Makers stamp says Eagle Edge Tools, I already have one the same, both have two pounds stamped on them but are actually now one and a half as they are many years old. Thanks...
  2. Hugo

    Cross cut saw

    Got hold of this last week, it seems to be in excellent condition, looks like I'm going old school for a while. Plumb axe is for scale purposes.
  3. Hugo

    Cawl spoon in Elm

    I made this a few weeks ago from some green Elm so decided to post it up. I'm please with it all it needs is some oil to bring the grain out. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hugo

    Axe makers Mark

    I got myself a side axe from Germany, it's quite old and I don't know the makers Mark, someone on here might. There is a logo of a griffin in a circle of dots . the eye for the helve is square. That's all I can say about it. Pictures will come tomorrow. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hugo

    Made this on Christmas day

    Well you have to keep active. Dry ASH serving spoon. Updated, made of Ash not Elm, oops
  6. Hugo

    Some spoonage

    Hi everyone, here is some spoons that I have carved . whilst out on my last three bimbles with a couple of buddies. The big one in the middle has a tiny bit more work to do as I just noticed a cut mark just behind the bowl that is quite visible. Thanks for looking
  7. Hugo

    Boot market buys

    Got myself these three axe heads (they will soon be having new Ash handles made) from Brighton marina boot market. One has what looks like No1 on it so is probably a Gilpin the smaller one is made in Czechoslovakia with a makers mark of what looks like an anvil, the other has no makers mark but...
  8. Hugo

    Axe find

    I was out and about in Lewes Sussex on Monday, the Mrs Hugo treated me as it was my birthday, some nice food and warm drinks and browsing (in the rain mind) antique style shops, whilst in one shop where a previous visit saw Mrs Hugo buy me a nice draw knife I spied a Wetterlings axe 3 pound head...
  9. Hugo

    My axe porn

    It was time for a group sharpen so I took these at the same time. Four more under the work bench awaiting new handles. Ta for looking.
  10. Hugo

    Boot market crucible

    Found this at today's boot market, might come in handy. Wonder what goodies I'll get tomorrow, hoping for something sharp.
  11. Hugo

    Boot market kettle

    Got hold of this today to use when at camp with my buddies. It's made by Le Creuset and is supposed to hold 1.2 litres but it takes much more than that as the user is only supposed to fill it to the white line just visible on the side, I filled it almost to the top and it does not boil over at...
  12. Hugo

    Wooden mallets

    Made myself a couple of wooden mallets using Elm for the heads and Ash for the handles. Just need to tidy the handles up a bit. The Elm tree was cut down yesterday and I made them within an hour of it's demise, the wood was fairly dry as the trees had had Dutch elm, the Ash was seasoned for five...
  13. Hugo

    @ Rockmonkey

    Clean out you inbox as it is full. Ta mate :)
  14. Hugo

    Ash serving spoon

    I made this in the woods on Thursday finished it off over the weekend as I did not have a spoon knife with me whilst out, I tooled finished it all but after a couple of annoying pieces of wood fibre lifting no matter what I did I had to resort to sanding the handle, then I used a scraper on that...
  15. Hugo

    Spalted beech Polar whittler

    Finished this off yesterday, it needs a little cleaning but is very sharp and is good to go. quite pleased with the outcome, going to let my bimble buddies try it out later this week. Thanks for looking.
  16. Hugo

    Today's boot market axe buys

    Today's boot market axe buys are, from back to front in the photo. 1 - Eagle Edge Tools, only needs a little bit of work and a new handle. 2- John Riley, need a bit of re profiling to the pole plus a new handle. 3- No makers name on this one, also needs the pole cleaned up and a new handle...
  17. Hugo

    Some recent spoons

    Hear are some recently carved spoons that I have started whilst out on my last few bimbles and finished yesterday, the tooled finish was a bit hard to do on a couple of them as the wood grain kept lifting, the smooth finish I did by using a sharp knife as a scraper. The big dark looking spoon...
  18. Hugo

    Solo bimble

    Had another solo bimble this week, same wood as I usually go to but kept in one area most of the day doing a little carving of a spoon blank from some dryish beech, also getting a little fallen wood for taking to the Sussex meet this weekend for people to use for spoon carving, not a bad day...
  19. Hugo

    Old axe head

    Today's boot market buy was an axe head, looks quite old, no makers mark but it does have potential, it weighs 586 grams, this is my next project so will post an after picture, I do have an old short piece of handle that will fit easy, but it might be a bit too short I'll try it out in a wee...
  20. Hugo

    Sycamore spoon

    Went for a solo bimble to my usual woods today,carved a couple of spoons one of which is this one pictured, I have placed it back alongside the other half of the small log from where it came, I carved another spoon from the other end of the remaining piece of wood. pleased with how this one...