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  1. Tripitaka


    I love my Canon Ixus 980 IS more and more every time I use it. Whilst the camera itself is great, it really doesn't come into its own until running the free CHDK utility which gives access to all sorts of extra features. One of these is the ability to run scripts and one of the scripts available...
  2. Tripitaka

    Where to hang in the Lake District

    Does anyone know of a campsite in the lakes that allows hammocks and camp fires? Tried Grizedale Campsite but it is no hammocks and fully booked for this weekend. I need a site as there are few of us going so stealth camping not really an option.
  3. Tripitaka

    Review - Beatons Midge Jackets

    Shewie tipped me off to a product called "Beatons Midge Jacket". The website is The website is quite basic but functional and after reading the small amount of info that is there, decided to purchase one. At first I couldn't figure out where to pay but going back and...
  4. Tripitaka

    Info on SW Scotland needed please

    I'm looking for a location in SW Scotland for a weekend trip at the end of the month. Needs to be by a loch with fishing available, preferably trout, have somewhere for small tents and hammocks, be accessible by car to get a canoe in and be away from hoards of people. I've had a cursory look...
  5. Tripitaka

    Scottish midges - advice required please

    I have a couple of free weekends coming up and fancied a trip north of the border. Unfortuately, I react really badly to midge bites, coming up in big itchy lumps that last for days. What is the season for the little blighters and where are they best/worst? I fancied a bit of paddling -...
  6. Tripitaka

    Leaking meths from a Tatonka burner?

    I have noticed that my beloved Tatonka meths burner has developed a leak through the cap. Anyone else noticed this problem?
  7. Tripitaka

    Anyone use Toucan for their telephone service?

    I'm just about to sign up for Toucan and they seem to have a deal where if I get referred by an existing user, we both get a kick-back. If you do and you want to be my referrer, PM me the your phone number that is with Toucan. Ta, Mark.
  8. Tripitaka

    Krill lights

    I have been looking for a small lantern for my hammock for a while now. I like the UCO ones but they are bulky and chew through the candles - you would be looking at two per weekend. The LED type lanterns are better but they also have poor battery life. Then I can across the Krill lamps -...
  9. Tripitaka

    WANTED: Hennessy Hammock

    Preferably a Safari deluxe but will look at others. Will swap for cash! :-D
  10. Tripitaka

    Outdoor Porn

    Just been looking through the SnowPeak catalogue. I can only describe it as "outdoors porn" and is highly recommended. For an online fix, check out their website at but it's nothing like the catalogue. It's just superb.
  11. Tripitaka

    A thought...and maybe an appeal

    Seems things are a bit heated of late, not just on this forum but on others I read too. Not exactly sure why. Perhaps, if we are going to discuss topics that may be deemed "sensitive", we could put a header in the subject line - "Hypothetical" for example. I was just reading the thread on...
  12. Tripitaka

    WANTED: Hennessy Safari Deluxe Hammock

    I want a Hennessy Safari and was thinking of sorting a group buy but I can't get Hennessy to return my mails. Anyone have one going second hand? Mark.
  13. Tripitaka

    Married Life

    A couple had only been married for two weeks and the husband, although very much in love, couldn't wait to go out on the town and party with his old buddies. So, he said to his new wife, 'Honey, I'll be right back.' 'Where are you going, Coochy Coo?' asked the wife. 'I'm going to the...
  14. Tripitaka

    Lancs/Cumbria BC locations

    Can anyone recommend locations in Lancs, Cumbria or maybe West Yorks to practice bushcraft? Where do you go that is remote enough? How do you go about permissions and approaches etc? I'll be honest at this point and say that I usually sneak into places and go very low-key but I really...
  15. Tripitaka

    Where to buy Hennessy Safari

    I took the opportunity over the weekend to check out the Hennessey hammocks and thanks to Nigel, fell in lust with the Safari Deluxe. I have Googled today and found that the only real available option is buying in from Hennessy themselves in the US. My question here is: Does anyone know of...