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    Silky Saws - what's the difference between cheap and extortionate???

    Pull saws in general cut faster as they are thinner. Silky saws are excellent, sharp, and fast cutting, leaving a good finish. Do check the tooth size. Bigger teath means faster cutting. Some identical saws are made with different size teeth. If you can get hold of shark saws, they were very...
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    Multi use GPS units??

    Bought my wife a cat smartphone. Pretty tough, waterproof, good battery life. Cameras ok. Worth a look, and they are much cheaper now than when I bought hers.
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    The Perfect Raised Bed

    Oh yes, and buy a chopsaw, possibly a sliding one,( cheap from Screwfix, still going strong) and use 5 X 100 torx head screws. I piloted everything with 2.5 mm holes. Getting the sides square was tricky, so as some wedges and plywood may be your best friends.
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    The Perfect Raised Bed

    I used 4.8 m 200 by 50mm, to make 2 layer deep decorative raised beds, 2.4m by 1.2. I lined the sides with damp proof course to stop the soil rotting the wood, and used cuprinol on the outside. Mixed a fair amount of pearlite/ vermiculite into each bed and added a good amount of water retaining...
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    Group Buy First Aid Kit

    Any progress?
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    Most popular/successful Fire lighting in the UK

    I've got a different version of the pocket bellows, and they work surprisingly well. Can I just add to the comments on ferro rods being a modern innovation. If I was alone in the wild with just basic tools, I think it would take me less time to produce a civilisation capable of delivering...
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    MOD Modifications

    Just keep it cool whilst grinding (says the voice of bitter experience)
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    If you freehand sharpen, and you're not at right angles between the stone and the blade edge, that clearance seems pretty useful to me. I have to try really hard to stop the heel of my kitchen knife blades bulging as the rest of the blade becomes worn.
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    Gives you space to sharpen edge without fouling on handle?
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    MOD Modifications

    Could just grind back the finger guard? It's not particularly hard. Are you intending to sharpen the new spearpoint? Why that design? Just interested. Keep posting photos, I'm watching your progress with interest. Darren
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    MOD Modifications

    I'd worry less about the cosmetics, and more about the structure. Change the very thick sabre grind, maybe to a convex. File the wood scales back to the tang, and slim them down a little. If you have a powerfile, it makes the work a lot easier.
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    Group Buy First Aid Kit

    Yep, the ifak or expensive bits look good as a group buy. Mylar poncho instead of blanket? Just a thought.
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    The old Britishblades forum

    I miss BB. Some of the knives I almost bid on spread through the pictures. Longstrider strops and smurf poo, which still seem to work like magic. Funny threads to make you smile. Younger days :)
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    Sold Spyderco Pacific Salt.

    I've got one. I'd have had this, if I'd been a bit quicker. Steel is quite soft, but easy to resharpen. Great everyday knife, particularly with the yellow handle that makes it easy to find.
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    Group Buy First Aid Kit

    Quikclot combat gauze is allegedly a little better than celox. I like the idea for the group buy, but by gum, this is going to be an expensive kit. Sam splint, maybe? Another problem might be that most of us have a first aid kit or 7, but still need bits, often the most expensive bits. I need...
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    What are you growing?

    Hang fire on the carrots and beetroot. Ours germinated, they Just took ages. Like a month. Turnips and rocket doing well.
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    Magnifying glass and cramp ball

    The key is area of the lens, not focal power. Old fashioned overhead projectors used to have a lens a bit bigger than A4 paper, Nd that was a great way to light a piece of black sugar paper.
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    Sold Mora Garberg stainless steel knife

    Be very interested in you making a comparison when it arrives
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    Has anybody used a broadfork?

    Yep, that's my current planting set. A rabbiting spade can be your best friend.
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    Has anybody used a broadfork?

    Any suggestions where to get one in the UK? Something like a meadow creature or a treasure? Don't mind the cost, but the p&p is extortionate. My garden, and I use the term very loosely, has lots of rocks in clay. Normally if I want to plant something, a pickaxe and digging bar are involved. I...