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    Mountain men on history channel !

    Just a small heads up , new series starting on Wednesday 23rd 9pm on the history channel "Mountain men " . Focuses on the day to day lives of three modern day mountain men living of the grid in Alaska ! Seen snippets on YouTube looks interesting and thought it may appeal to people on here . ATB...
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    Mountain men on history channel !

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    Thick self inflating mats

    I've been checking out a few thicker sleeping mats online to put inside a Dutch army hooped bivvy, has anyone tried or own one that they'd recommend I'm talking about the foam filled ones not the mega expensive down filled ones. How bulky are they when rolled up as I'm attempting to travel a bit...
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    Which bike shall I go for??

    I about to take the first part of the direct access bike test on April 13th , yes it's a Friday, anyway I'm trying to decide what kind of bike to go for bearing in mind carrying bushcraft kit. I fancy something that comfy for a guy that's six foot plus, maybe an older goldwing , pan European ...
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    conditioning old leather

    Last week i purchsed a leather sachel type thing that came from a WW1 cavalry officer kit which is in great condition but very stiff ,so when i got it home i gave it several coats of neatsfoot oil to soften it . However the leather now has a very dry , matt appearance and has lost its glossy...
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    landy hood sticks wanted !

    Hi , im after a complete set of second hand hood sticks to fit a 88'' series 3 Land Rover , id also be interested in a canvas tilt too as long as its not cammo. If anyone has one stashed away in the shed thats no longer needed , let me know. Cheers , Roly
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    Will this work or not?

    I was chatting about parachutes with a mate the other day and he came up with the idea of water proofing a chute using the waterproofing agent you put in cement . Either dilute and spray on or dilute in a water butt and give the chute a good dunking then spread out to dry. If this is feasable or...
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    primus stove parts

    Can anyone out there offer any assistance .For Christmas my father gave to me a Primus 96 petrol stove that he has owned from new ,is still in its tin box wth all the bits and bobs still inside. however the leather seal on the pressurising pump has seen better days and wont seal in the tube...
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    Lavvu wanted

    Does anyone out there have a second hand Lavvvu tent they wish to sell ,approx 3m in diameter (green prefered but not over fussy)