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    How Do I ...

    ... stay logged in? There's a tick in the box, yet whenever I come back I always have to log in.
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    German Army BW Pack Transformation (Pic heavy)

    deleted (tried to edit message to my formatting. failed)
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    Advice on anvils

    Well... Give them all a "ring test" with a hammer. 1) Subject to other points, get the biggest you can manage. 2) Flattest top. 3) Best edges. 4) Horns are useful. 5) Hardie holes are useful.
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    ...Contact "admin"

    Thanks both.
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    ...Contact "admin"

    There's a rubric on all pages that asks me to contact "admin". I couldn't see details for "admin", so I used the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page to email. No reply in five days, so where should I go to contact "admin"? There is an "Admin" in the member list, but it doesn't seem to...
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    The link is broken. There's an extra http: http://http//
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    Silva compass instructions

    Bit small. If you zoom 'em, they just go blurred :(.
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    Artificial Sinew - Group Buy

    Just saw this over on BB, so please add me to the Next time list: Lithril 1 roll Next time Oetzi 1 roll Next time arian Next time Thanks arian
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    Small Portable Firebox/Stove

    It's well over a year now. 1. I've just looked on the Woodland Edge site, and if your phrase is there, it's well hidden. Searching on Google for the phrase "modified <word> stove" only gives one hit (and not BushcraftUK). 2. Can anyone give me a pointer to this post detailing the donation...
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    what i got left with

    There's a book of recipes linked in this thread: It's American. There's a recipe for venison sausage (and venison salami) in it. 2lb of venison. It's an executable file, but I couldn't find any nasties included. Regards arian
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    what i got left with

    Scanker's right: venison is lean; sausages need fat. Pork shoulder fat is often recommended. Take a look at the ingredients list on some commercial venison sausages (remember ingredients are listed in quantity order). Regards arian
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    Hipflask with leather

    Steve Abbott wrote a Windows program for drawing your own Celtic knotwork. Available (free :)) here. Regards arian
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    Buckskin supplier

    Seems to havegot his bandwidth back :). It's a lot cheaper to buy in US$: $12.50 is about &#163;6.50, not the &#163;8 he's asking :(. I also couldn't see how to order, but I didn't look very hard. Regards arian
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    Net making kit - group buy.

    This page has a short video clip here showing net making. Another video, from YouTube. Here's a detailed PDF from a Finnish Adult Education Centre. The Pineapple Knot Forum has a whole section for Nets & Netting. Regards arian
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    Net making kit - group buy.

    Yep. 1) They're not pictures, but murky drawings. They've been photocopied too often. 2) If you already know what you're doing, then no doubt they're really clear :(. I can't relate the instructions to the fishermen I've seen mending nets. OTOH, I haven't tried very hard; just a...
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    Net making kit - group buy.

    One of each here, please. Chas Brookes x 2 (1x6" & 1x8") british red x 2 (2 x 6") Porcupine x 4 (2 x 6" & 2 x 8") leon-b x 2 (1 x 6" & 1 x 8") dgcalvert x 2 (1 x 6" & 1 x 8") Toddy x 2 (1 x 6" & 1 x 8") Richie O x 2 (1 x 6" & 1 x 8") Matt Weir x 3 (3 x 6") Mirius x 1 g4ghb x 2 (1 x 6" & 1 x 8")...
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    Encyclopedia of Knives

    If is their website, best get to the shop soon:
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    Small Portable Firebox/Stove

    Can you give a pointer to where these details have been posted? Regards arian
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    Crab Fishing

    Just followed this link. It's now,66,AR.html So long arian
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    8x30 Russian Monocular

    One here please. PM coming