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  1. Potatohead

    Sold Casio G-Shock GST-W100G-1BER (G-Steel) Tough Solar.

    1. ITEM: 1 x Casio G-Shock GST-W100G-1BER (G-Steel) Tough Solar Band 6 atomic clock receiver. 2. CONDITION: Used but not abused See description & photos. 3. EXTRAS: None. No original box 4. LOCATION: Buckingham 5. PRICE: £67 for a quick sale. Sensible offers always considered Incl RMRD &...
  2. Potatohead

    Sold Price Drop - As New - Chris Reeve Large Drop Point Sebenza 21 (LTD Dual silver thumb stud) 2018

    1. ITEM: 1 x Chris Reeve Large Drop Point Sebenza 21 Limited edition Dual silver thumb stud - Ambidextrous Silver hardware Birth certificate 14th August 2018 2. CONDITION: Minty 'as factory' new condition. Never used. 3. EXTRAS: All original extras CRK Grease CRK Polishing Cloth Tool All...
  3. Potatohead

    Sold Animal Twister RIP System Kinetic

    1. ITEM: 1 x Animal Twister RIP system wristwatch 2. CONDITION: Used but cared for 3. EXTRAS: Premium HIRSCH-PURE Rubber strap 4. LOCATION: Buckingham 5. PRICE: £68 all in. Incl PP & RMRD Sensible offers always considered. Not looking for trades at the moment. Thanks. 6. DESCRIPTION: Hi...
  4. Potatohead

    Sold Bargain Seiko kinetic

    1. ITEM: 1 x SEIKO Kinetic 5M43-0E70 2. CONDITION: Used but cared for. 3. EXTRAS None 4. LOCATION: Buckingham 5. PRICE: £60 including PP & postage by RMRD Sensible offers always considered. 6. DESCRIPTION: Getting rid of all my surplus watches as part of the house move purge. An early...
  5. Potatohead

    Sold Hinderer XM Slippy Slicer with custom package

    1. ITEM: Hinderer XM Slippy Slicer 2. CONDITION: Sold as Used but pretty much as new condition 3. EXTRAS: 1 x Custom titanium deep carry pocket clip with hardware Details here:…nderer-knives-xm-18-3-3-5 Hinderer custom blue & black G10 Scales. Details here...
  6. Potatohead

    Withdrawn Bark River - Fox River Full size

    Found.... Just another iron in the fire in case i cant persuade anyone to part with an F1 micarta... I might also be interested in a full size BRKT Fox river in micarta or Stab.
  7. Potatohead

    Sold 2 x Terava Skrama 240 + rigs completed and ready to go

    1. ITEM: 2 x Terava Skrama 240 carbon steel. Both now SOLD. Many thanks. 2. CONDITION: As new 3. EXTRAS: Each has a new Rig made by me for the basic plastic Sheath consisting: - New British Army PLCE SA80 Bayonet Frog. - New Bulle molle utility pouch. 550 paracord attachment. - Atwood 550...
  8. Potatohead

    Withdrawn Fallkniven F1 Micarta

    BRKT Option found.... Bit of a Change of heart/direction As per the title, im thinking of going back to my BB origins (first proper knife) I thought the F1 pro was ... OK ... but they had gone a little too thick on the blade for my liking. Looking for a fallkniven F1 micarta variant...
  9. Potatohead

    Sold TBS Boar 'Special Edition' - 'Woodlore' Pattern

    1. ITEM: 1 x TBS Boar Special Edition 2. CONDITION: Purchased from New 22/06/2020 1 x test strike on a Ferro A quick, very light, tickle with a DC4 No other real world use as havent had time. 3. EXTRAS: TBS Nordic leather sheath Atwood 550 cord wrist lanyard 4. LOCATION: Buckingham 5. PRICE...
  10. Potatohead

    Sold CASE XX Canoe - Blue G10 - BNIB - UK Friendly EDC

    1. ITEM: CASE Canoe Blue G10 Smooth No.16743 (102131 SS) Manufactured 18/01/2020 2. CONDITION: BNIB minty fresh. 3. EXTRAS: Boxed 4. LOCATION: Buckingham UK 5. PRICE: £75 incl RMRD to UK & PP 6. DESCRIPTION: I used to have quite a few Case Canoes many moons ago. All lost to the great...
  11. Potatohead

    Sold Killrathi Knives Modern Bushcraft Handmade

    1. ITEM: 1 x Killrathi Knives Bushcraft Handmade. Now SOLD thank you. 2. CONDITION: Received new direct from the maker 22/06/2020 Two days out of the box for a play. Then oiled and stored. Cosmetic marks on the blade from Test cuts on softwood and a bit of feather sticking and lightly...
  12. Potatohead

    Withdrawn Rob J Evans Bushtool

  13. Potatohead

    Hi de Hi campers.... :o)

    Hello all, A number of members on here already know me from British Blades days of old and currently EdgeMatters forums. I also lurked on BCUK for a while back during my BB days. Recently slipped back into things now my family is of the age where camping is exciting. (Mind you My 4 year old...