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    Hi what’s the consensus, on what to rub into your leather sheaths to make them supple. Many thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bush pot pathfinder

    Can you help, I saw a Dave Canterbury utube, on the bush pot and it was made in black, I have since tried to find one and can’t. I know if I use normal enough it willl go black but this one was already treated. Many thanks if you know where I can get it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hilleberg v peg (Gold)

    Does anyone have a spare couple Of these tent pegs please. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Planning Tarp

    Silly question I guess,however does anyone Put a tarp over a tent in this bad weather.? I am taking both on a trip so it came Into my mind as I want a fire/ cooking and so on..! Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does anyone have a view on their utility belt , as I am thinking of getting one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DDtarp camo

    Where is the best place to buy the above also a GB wildlife hatchet.? Many thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Having just sold my boat, I have an ocean leisure liferaft available, I bought it new in 2010 never been serviced as never been activated thankfully. If anyone’s interested I would swap for GB small forest axe plus other kit. I think I paid about 500-600 £ for it back then... Mods hope it’s ok...
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    Bushcraft podcasts

    does anyone know of any good podcasts please.?
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    frost river

    suggestions please, i have a FR backpack ,i need to make it a little more rigid, some videos say a floor mat put in it,! anyone haven?and what do you use or any experience with this sort of thing. many thanks
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    Wynnchester back pack

    I bought a Swiss backpack from wynnchester a year or so ago and have never Really used it, apart from storing some kit in. I can't post a picture of it as I don't know how but i can email or what's app one if need be. I would swap it for something though , I paid close to 100 quid I think but...
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    not too much Bushcraft

    As the title suggest however i plan to do a little out doors stuff. So mods if this is not appropriate please move. i am driving up to Beauty River and rather than doing it in one hit i was thinking of overnight some where 2-3 hours away any recommendations for hotel something decent that...
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    Kent woods

    Here is an opportunity for 2/3 "experienced" bushcrafters to practice, however it comes with some T&Cs. :) I own small woods in Kent, I have a camp but not happy with it, sooooooo If anyone is good at lean2s or similar and enjoy setting up camp then this might be of interest, you can have a...
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    Advise please

    A little while back i did a course with RM, anyhow during that I enquired about joining him on his Canada trip, he asked if i had any experience Canoeing ,so the answer was no not so much. He said I would need to do a course (which they used to do ) to get qualified.!! rather than knocking...
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    Not sure if this is the right forum , please move if needs be. I am looking for a canoe in good condition big enough for two people, pref green, around 13-15 ft I guess but I am no expert. I would like to swap for an either Cross trainer hardly used and a tunturi rowing machine Or a retro...
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    Night in the woods

    So I spent 2 months building a shelter/coral, for a couple of my young nephewsand their kids to spend a night in the woods. They all had tents and I had a lean to setup, Trying to start my fire using my Jacklore Knife and Rick Lyndsy ferro rod Despite all the dry tinder and so on 20 mins...
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    Swiss Army Rucksack

    Swiss Mountain Pack Recon: Swiss Mountain Pack – Waterproof Rubberised Canvas This is an all-time classic design, originating in the 1950's as the famous and highly sought-after but now very rare 'salt and pepper' canvas and leather rucksack (also available reconditioned by us here ), this...
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    frost river

    I am thinking of getting the Isle royal, they look like they are very good.?! Best price i can find is about £225 in U.K. Any advise please.
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    one day with Ray Mears

    Just an update on the day i spent with my wife and 18 others,! on a walk in the woods with RM. It really was a good day i did not think my wife would enjoy but she loved it, He is a nice guy and comes across the same as on tele. He really is knowledgeable and in a good way, in fact it was...
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    Ray Mears

    this weekend I am doing a walk through the woods course with RM.! I bought it as part of a Birthday present for my wife, (she cant stand all this stuff) anyhow I am so excited even at my age its nice to look forward to this, especially after buying the RM woodlore knife at the highest price...
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    Ray Mears Knife

    Well after much deliberating , I decided to get the woodlore knife, finally tracked one down at the most ridiculous price ever, arrived today very happy . I may use it on myself for paying such a price but anyhow , now i am torn with using it or not.!!! Oh well . :)