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  1. Gooner

    SSSI woodland

    I'm looking for some advise from those in the know, I have come across a piece of woodland for sale which is part of a 200 acre site, however the whole wood is SSSI, now all I want it for is to get out and practise bushcraft with the occasional sleep out, I have been trying to find out what I...
  2. Gooner

    SSSI woodland

    Double post apologies
  3. Gooner

    Hammock Forum

    Tony has kindly said I can drop a link in here to introduce you all to a new forum that may be of interest to some of you. Please come along and have a look, post and share your knowledge and experience. There are so many people that could either use this forum and/or make great contributions...
  4. Gooner

    Favourite head gear

    Hi all just thinking about acquiring a new hat and got to wondering what do most use? I tend to favour my old tweed flat cap for most things, in summer a bush type hat suits well, both could now do with being replaced. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  5. Gooner

    Recommend a book

    Hi all looking to get some ideas on what people would recommend as a good knowledgeable bushcraft book. Thanks in advance
  6. Gooner

    Newbie from Kent

    Hi all I thought it was time I joined have been lurking for a while gleaming lots of information & tips. Made a hobo stove and have been putting together the necessary kit. Well I am married with three grown up sons, have always had a liking for the outdoors, I do fishing, shooting, ferreting...