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  1. hanzo

    Chicken (& Squash) Soup for the Tai Chi Soul

    One of my tai chi students gave me some chayote squash from her garden. So what's a guy to do. When life deals you squash, you make squash soup. And it was delicious. Mahalo Shuling! Anyway, as I set out to make dinner, my Gary Mills bushcraft knife was looking to get some attention since...
  2. hanzo

    Mele Kalikimama!

    (Thanks for catching my typo Bigfoot. I couldn't change the heading though. Mele Kalikimaka!)
  3. hanzo

    A wise man said...

    "Kids in the back seat cause accidents; accidents in the back seat cause kids." ~ Augie T.
  4. hanzo

    Kalimalena Neck Knife Review
  5. hanzo

    An impromptu hike today
  6. hanzo

    Play day @ camp
  7. hanzo


    Here are some pictures of our staycation last week.
  8. hanzo

    Gary Mills Knife - mini review

    This is not a proper review, but I needed to post something. Thanks to Gary Mills for the great knife. Read more and see pictures here:
  9. hanzo

    What a month for sharp stuff!

    I have been blessed! First, it was the Viking bearded axe that was given to me. Next, it was the Gary Mills Woodlore clone that I very luckily won. Two weeks ago, my buddy made me a neck knife. Check it out here:
  10. hanzo

    Gary Mills Hand Made Knife

    Aloha Gary! When I picked up my mail today, I received the beautiful knife that you made and so generously offered up in your contest. Out of sheer luck, I was able to win this exquisite knife. So now it is screaming out to me to go and play in the dirt. And I really want to just...
  11. hanzo

    The bottle of wine

    For all of us who are married, were married, wish you were married, or wish you weren't married, this is something to smile about the next time you see a bottle of wine: Sally was driving home from one of her business trips in Northern Arizona when she saw an elderly Navajo woman...
  12. hanzo


    Today, I had lunch with a buddy and scored! He bought a couple of Bearded Viking Throwing Axes and gave me one. Mahalo Kalimalena!
  13. hanzo


    Not sure if this is bushcraft, but I found it to be a useful tip. One of the ladies in my tai chi class taught me a very cool trick. Pin a small safety pin anywhere on a garment that usually has static cling and more static cling issues! I tried it out and it works great. I...
  14. hanzo

    Beach camping last weekend

    I took lots of pictures so I posted them on my blog to save bandwidth. Here they are:
  15. hanzo

    That's my girls!

    This afternoon, my kids were playing outside like they like to do. So since it was about time for them to come in to get cleaned up before dinner, I went to go check on them. What do I see? I saw my six year old had drawn a circle with water. She was standing in the middle of it practicing...
  16. hanzo

    cooled off

    Took the family out for some cool wet fun today.
  17. hanzo

    A very efficient "char cloth"

    Aloha Gang, We just finished a long over due camping trip two weeks ago. Can you believe it has been almost six months since our last one? No wonder my wife was telling everyone I was having withdrawals. We have to get in as many outings as we can until soccer season starts up again. My...
  18. hanzo

    yew for handle

    Aloha! I am looking for some yew for a friend for knife handles. Can anyone help and suggest a good place to get some? Mahalo!
  19. hanzo

    short hike and camp part 3

    My family and I came to the campsite and had lunch with our friends. For some reason, I didn't take that many pictures in camp at all. The kids played until it was time to go. My wife and girls went home and I was to stay over and help out the next day before going home. We did get a few...
  20. hanzo

    short hike and camp part 2

    As I continued on, I saw a lot of pretty plants that I am not familiar with and some nice vibrant colors. After the ladies arrived and getting set up, I just hung out for a while and had lunch. Later in the afternoon, I was getting things prepped to start the...