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  1. kimba

    Wood banging sound in the woods

    I am wondering what animal would make a wood banging on a tree type sound it's quite an organised sound, "tap tap tap pause tap" and repeat over and over, I was thinking woodpecker but it sounds more like a 2x2 bit of wood hitting a tree, my main suspect would be a deer? this is around 2/3am...
  2. kimba

    Bringing arrows over from USA, question.

    I have a question, my son is going to USA Florida in April, I was hoping he could maybe bring back some arrows and crossbow bolts and few other items related, the numbers would be around 60 arrows and 40 bolts, is that a problem? Or should he send as gift, in fact what would be the best option...
  3. kimba

    Multiplex plywood sling shot quality UK

    I have started a new hobby making slingshots; I need to find a supplier for Multiplex plywood UK of course. Also would it have a grade/trade name, like Model Multiplex plywood or something?
  4. kimba

    wood carving tools 12 box set

    I noticed a wood carving tools 12 box set on Lidl site, £19.99 from 03/10/2011, posted as might be of intrest to some here.
  5. kimba

    Folding grill

    Was there a member making these few months back?
  6. kimba

    Anyone having problems with airgunbbs forum, I can't log on to the site, it is asking for password and user name in a pop up box.
  7. kimba

    Help to identify a meth type twin mini fry pan cook set.

    Need help to identifie a meth type mini fry pan cook set. Pics took this morning excuse the bacon, I picked this kit up from a boot sale and would like another set only I can't find it online anywhere. A name of the set or a link to where to buy would be nice. Thanks.