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  1. Ed

    Happy St. Andrews day

    As the title says, happy st.Andrews day one and all :D Ed
  2. Ed

    Another big cat, but this time on video

    Just came across this They have the video on the BBC site here Ed
  3. Ed

    Happy Birthday MagiKelly

    Many happy returns of the day to you and all the rest who have their birthday today :D I hope you are all enjoying yourselves. :) Ed
  4. Ed

    Happy Birthday C_Claycomb

    Many happy returns of the day to you :D :) Ed
  5. Ed

    An interesting hypothesis

    Didn't really know where to post this..... but I thought it would be an interesting lil read to those into primitive clothing. If you do a google, you will find more info on this :D
  6. Ed

    Unable to update My Profile

    Its seems that my username, which only has 2 letters, is an invalid username when it comes to updating my profile.... Valid usernames must be more than 2 characters long. I guess this wont affect most people here....only a few of us. :D Ed
  7. Ed

    Happy BirthdayGoose

    Many happy returns of the the to you :D :) Ed
  8. Ed

    Happy Birthday Wayne :D

    Many happy returns mate ..... I hope you are having a great day :D :beerchug: Ed
  9. Ed

    The big 40....

    :beerchug: Happy birthday Cap'n Badger :D Congrats at reaching the big 40 ... I hope you have a fantasic day. :) Ed
  10. Ed

    Please Remember!!!

    This forum is for talking about wild foraged food.... not hunting, fishing, or meat of any kind. These should be posted in fair game. The reason I am posting this is that I'm having to flag posts to the mods nearly every day as people seem to have forgotten about the fair game forum and what...
  11. Ed

    Happy Birthday Eric....

    I've just noticed its Eric Methvens birthday today :D Many happy returns of the day to you!!! :beerchug: .... Hope you have had a great day and had a good relaxing time :) :) Ed
  12. Ed

    Happy Birthday Shelly :D

    Many happy returns of the day to you :D I hope you have a nice and relaxing day and that Tony is running around after you...... Have a great day all of you who share today as a birthday. :beerchug: Ed
  13. Ed

    Happy Birthdays

    rik_uk3, Abbe Osram and all the rest, Hope you have a great day :D :) Ed
  14. Ed

    Happy Birthday Lurch !!!

    Many happy returns of the day.... hope you have a good one :D :beerchug: :) Ed
  15. Ed

    Happy Birthday....

    ..... To Andrew from outdoorcode .... Many happy returns ofthe day ....hope you have a good one. :D Ed
  16. Ed

    Happy birthday shing

    :D Congrats at reaching the big 40 :D :beerchug: Ed
  17. Ed

    Happy birthday wenie :)

    Hope you have a good night out .... sorry i can't make it but i'm far tooo skint :( Ed
  18. Ed

    Happy Birthday Ahjno

    Hope you have a great day :beerchug: :D Ed
  19. Ed

    Happy Birthday tomtom

    Hope you have a great day :beerchug: :D Ed
  20. Ed

    Happy Birthday Giancarlo

    Well carlo.... another year goes by.... Hope this year treats you well and that you have a good day today :) All the best...... :D Ed & Karen