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    Replacing tent poles

    I got it from eBay but they're also sold on Amazon. It's a 8.5mm pole you need. Hadn't thought about using heat shrink tubing. I'll have to check if I have any big enough to go over a pole. I've used it to replace aglots on shoe laces.
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    Not British made anymore!

    If anyone is interested Inside the factory did an episode in the Barbour factory. I'm not sure how much of Altberg stuff is made in Richmond, the special order stuff is (the leather on mine is cracking but has been daily wear for 8.5years so far and had multiple soles). Looks like I'll be...
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    Compact tool kit

    Thanks, I'll have to have a play with my recip saw blades. I haven't used the pliers wrench a huge amount yet but so far I'm a fan. I didn't have an adjustable spanner this sort of size and picked up the 150mm one for £27. The Cobras are good but the uncoated part of the jaws seems a bit rust...
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    Compact tool kit

    It's interesting, though possibility too bulky. Just gripping a saw blade with the Pliers might be too far the other way, I wonder if JB weld would hold a saw blade to a hex bit (the bits lock into it instead of just a magnet)
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    Compact tool kit

    I've been putting together a compact tool kit, primarily intended for group camping (and events involving shelters and cooking). I think I've got most of the things I wanted to cover, though would like a small saw capable of cutting small bolts/tent poles. I'm looking at doing something with a...
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    Replacing tent poles

    I bought a pole off eBay, I only replaced the broken section. I've now got a bunch of spare sections. While replacing the section I numbered all the sections before taking the elastic out so that I could put them back in the same order.
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    rust inhibitors?

    I've taken to using ACF50, designed for aviation use and commonly used for motorbikes. Other products are intended to do a similar job (xcp) but I don't have personal experience.
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    Replacing tent poles

    I think I've found some the right diameter, most had longer sections.
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    Replacing tent poles

    No it has to be a flexible one.
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    power banks(solar or not) recomendations

    I'm also a fan of Anker kit. I picked up a pack on prime day. I've also got a luminaid camping lantern that has a solar panel and has USB charging capabilities (both to charge it and from it). I got mine from shelter box. Only niggle so far is the micro USB port doesn't seem to hold the charging...
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    Replacing tent poles

    I'm going to double check the size (I have misplaced my callipers). If I can I will replace a single section (though will probably get a replacement pole and use the rest for an idea I have). The tent is a Stormshield Xenon (I think it was Blacks own brand) but must be 15 years old. It's not...
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    Replacing tent poles

    No they get bent (it's a small tunnel tent). Maybe I can find a replacement section and cut it to length.
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    Replacing tent poles

    A section of my aluminium tent pole snapped on the last trip. It's not an especially expensive tent but seems worth fixing. If I get a whole new pole they seem to have fewer sections for the length and I'll still need to trim. Would you just cut down the end section or take some off each? (The...
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    Sharpening Kitchen Knifes

    ceramics can cut fast. I have a shapton ceramic stone that cuts much faster then a japanese waterstone of the same grit. (it also leaves a finish which is enough for a kitchen knife so it's the only stone I use on cheaper knives) If you want to have an easy way of putting a good edge on...
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    Regatta Outdoor Clothing

    It's a budget option but gets the job done. I've found it doesn't last as long as some more upmarket gear though that was more the backpacks then the clothing.
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    Sharpening Guide

    I wouldn't get any sharpening jig for the main part of sharpening a mora knife start with very fine wet&dry paper on a flat surface. Use it dry to start with. put some marker on the bevels of the knife. assuming your wanting to remove the tiny bevel to start with you should be removeing...
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    One handed Opening - under £30?

    svord pesant folder for a nice legal EDC (non locking blade under 3inchs) Spyderco Tenacious if you have a reason for the knife everyday
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    £10 or £50 upwards?

    I never got one with the red handled Mora knives. I do use aplastic handled one a fair bit though (just been sharpening it)
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    stainless bushy knife

    Are you looking for a custom or a production knife Production wise Mora Fallkniven (got the F1 myself) Helle EKA (add a couple and nice but not my thing) all spring to mind for custom Stuart Mitchell (Stuart M) Guy Stainthorp (Gucep) , depends if he can get it heat treated though...
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    A.Wright & Son, Bushcraft knife

    I think they've reduced the size of the ricasso on most of them now. It's worth noting that the website you listed is their own so has full RRP so they don't undercut their own dealers. With so many other bushcraft knives I haven't used my test sample much and I doubt I can get enough sales to...