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    Banana and Bilberry cake

    punkrockcaveman - would you mind sharing which recipe it was please ? Otherwise significant other's not going to let me play with any more fires/knives :( Thanks
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    Banana and Bilberry cake

    Anyone know how to remove a puddle of drool from a keyboard ? That looks truly spendid
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    Survival Tins - Updates

    hmmm, if Daniel Radcliffe was around, I'd replace my survival tin with his wand :D
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    Wanted Frost River Isle Royale mini

    Hello Dan, I've just purchased (in the last month) a brand new Mini, but it's a bit too much for me. If you are interested, pleased drop me a PM and we can discuss Cheers Simon
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    Carving with children - guidance and tips

    When I first saw the title of this thread I thought "I wonder how often one has to strop the child if carving with it"... Lockdown has taken it's toll - sorry :angelic2:
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    Which is cooler, long or short sleeved shirts?

    Personally, I prefer the long sleeve option because it's more flexible, but also because I enjoy walking in the woods and near streams. I am one of those "fortunate" people who seems to attract any biting flying things for miles around and although I use (with a reasonable degree of success)...
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    Anything near basingstoke

    would be interested too
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    Sold Frost River Summit Pack

    Hi The Cumbrian, I'd like to take thiss please ? Thanks Simon
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    Finnish gas mask bag

    Hi moocher, I have a few of these (mainly cos they have different internal configurations) Been very pleased with them, and having the optional waist band is very useful to stop it flopping around. Made one change to the waist band - cut off the fixed end, leaving it long enough to put a D ring...
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    Being discrete in nature - colour Vs cammo?

    Subdued colours for me, BUT I live in the middle of Army grounds (around Aldershot, Hants) and I really don't want to get mistaken for "one of them" Bit of a shame, cos there are many Army Surplus type places, and the camo gear is well built and pretty cheap compared to "outdoor gear" - if I...
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    Sold Hilltrek Assynt Jacket

    Hello John, I'd like it please, will send PM right now... Happy Easter ;) Simon
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    corona virus projects any one?

    Guess someone ought to let John go now...oh, wait a minute - 2 meter distance...sorry John
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    Upgrade Observations:

    Hello Lithril, Very impressed with the upgrade, the whole site seems a good bit snappier now (not sure if that's h/ware or s/ware ?) so take a well deserved pat on the back please. One thing I miss from the old site is the little blue dots that flagged up updated posts since my last visit...
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    ahh, missing a trick here....if it's 2-ply, you can split the layers, turn 'em inside out and get 2 more sides ! (maybe I should post this suggestion on "social media")
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    Canvas packs?

    Hi swotty, many thanks for the reply Much appreciated Simon
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    Canvas packs?

    Hi swotty, I don't suppose you'd be kind enough to point me to where this is please ? Thanks Simon
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    Sussex Bushcraft Clubs March Meet.

    Hi Wayne, when do these take place please ? Thanks Simon
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    Sold Frost River Geologist pack

    Hi John, I'll take it please. If you can PM me details, I'll get funds across to you. Thanks Simon
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    Knife postage

    At the risk of making an odd suggestion - have you considered contacting (say) Heinnie to see how they do it/who they use/how they word it ?
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    Hiking Rucksacks for Children

    I've really struggled to find a rucksack I can fit my children into ;)