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  1. Dean

    WinterMoot Photographs Required

    Thank you folks, very much appreciated.
  2. Dean

    WinterMoot Photographs Required

    I have also set up a dropbox here is the link
  3. Dean

    WinterMoot Photographs Required

    As it is with the BushMoot so it is with the WinterMoot, the annual call for photos. Please post below photos or links, as always contributors will be named unless asked not to.
  4. Dean

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 September Heat Winner

    Congrats Steve. Photo is up on the BcUK Faceboook page
  5. Dean

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 October Heat

    Midnight at the NC
  6. Dean

    Trip Report Forest Knights May Trip to Finland

    Grteat review Tim makes wish we were still there to be honest, especially with the seasons changing the place is going to look and feel amazing. Highly recommend this trip for anyone. if anyone is interested in an adventre for next year.
  7. Dean

    Bushmoot Photos Required

    Last call for pictures please, album will but uploaded in a few days.
  8. Dean

    Photographing a camp at night.

    Great tutorial Gary, every time I introduce someone to light photography and see their reactions using the techinques you taught us at the Bushmoot it brings a smile to my face children absolutely love it when they can see what they have created.
  9. Dean

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 July Heat Winner

    Congrats Ruud
  10. Dean


    Great Moot, a big thank you to everyone who makes the Moot what it is. See you at the Winter Moot folks
  11. Dean

    Bushmoot Photos Required

    With the 2019 Bushmoot over it comes to that time where we want your photos for the annual BCUK Bushmoot Facebook Album, as usual contributors will be named unless asked not to. You can add photos and links below or message them to myself if you want to. Thank you for coming and making the...
  12. Dean

    Trip Report Finand Canoeing Expedition with Forest Knights

    Yes I did use the saunas and jumped into the lake off the jetty, I must say that it was rather a shock to the system., I thought the sauna was hot until we were joined my the Finish fishermen who ramped up the heat until it was barly bearable.
  13. Dean

    Trip Report Finand Canoeing Expedition with Forest Knights

    Photos taken from my trip with Forest Knights to the beautiful area of Finland called Saimaa Lake near the Russian Boarder. The peacefulness and tranquility of the area was music to my ears which allowed me to switch off from modern life though there is full signal everywhere for anyone wanting...
  14. Dean

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 June Heat

    Tranquil Saimaa
  15. Dean

    1st Spork

    Great work on your first spork, I've made a few and know how tricksy they can be.
  16. Dean

    Cherry Cooking Spoons

    Nice work getting back into the groove Muddypaws.
  17. Dean

    Trying out this carving lark :)

    Congrats on finishing those they are very nice, try carving some fresh green wood instead it will be easier on the hands.