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  1. Biker

    Clever and fun way of cooking sausages or marshmallows

    Just saw this on a website and thought it an excellent way for a bit of campfire cookery fun. Obviously make your own with whatever materials you have, but note that the fish passes through the stem, this allows the whole thing to be flipped 180 degrees for even heat exposure for safe cooking...
  2. Biker

    You can keep your survival kit, for I have the Gentleman's Survival kit. (Ner)

    Just saw this posted on Pinterest and I did chuckle. Pretty cool eh? Obviously a prop or something for Steampunk cosplay, but I like the amount of effort that's gone into it. Let's hope the lid on that whisky bottle is tight. Else someone will be sobbing into his handlebar moustache.
  3. Biker

    Pic of a DIY jig to flatten off tree rounds

    Saw this photo just now and figured those of us with a pretty extensive powertool kit might look at this with interest. Just think of the potential Rustic themed stuff that could be made. Hope it's of some interest.
  4. Biker

    "I don't need one of these" (repeat until temptation passes)

    Twas having a mooch about on Pinterest, as ya do, and saw a Zombie Gear gallery that shows kit to have should The Walking Dead ever become a reality. Anyway, I saw this little beauty. It's called a motoped Here's their website if you want to read more Here's the advertising video for it...
  5. Biker

    Anyone have any experience with these ration meals?

    I saw these on eBay the other day and was tempted to buy some as emergency meals or just plain quick and easy camp food and wondered if they're any good? I really like some of the ratpack meals and was hoping these might make for a decent alternative. See pic below. Here's the link to the...
  6. Biker

    Knife handle finishing clamp (Clever concept)

    Hey Folks, saw this picture online today and thought it needs being seen here too.
  7. Biker

    An economical & "green" Chainsaw... could be hard work though LOL!

    Saw this on Farcebook yesterday, thought I'd share it here. Some folks just have too much spare time :lmao:
  8. Biker

    Biker's Tomahawks & Shinys for sale at the Moot

    Hi Folks, Last year I sold a few of the axes I've bought over the year and restored back to all their glory, this year I intend doing the same BUT last year I was approached by 3 people asking me to look out for specific makers axes/tomahawks. Sadly, like the numpty I am I've lost the list. So...
  9. Biker

    DIY Activity toy/feeder for Dog owners

    Saw this on YouTube just now and thought it really clever. I think my old dog would have loved playing with this, sadly he's no longer around, but maybe you have a dog that's bored and needs a bit of something to keep him amused. Though the rattle and clatter might get on your wick after a...
  10. Biker

    Zombie Apocalypse? In Winter? - Sorted

    Saw this over at DeviantART just now. Me Want! (OK so there's a spare tyre on the bonnet when it's kitted out with caterpillar tracks, but no matter, me STILL want!)
  11. Biker

    Folding Kukri?

    Some of you might be familiar with the name Joerge Sprave. He's that nutjob on YouTube who makes catapults out of the bones of Dolphins and fires 20mm ball bearings into ballistic gelatin and zombies.... sorta. Anyway I was having a lazy Saturday afternoon mooching about online and found this...
  12. Biker

    The Walking Dead (season 3)

    Started watching this series the other night and it's mixed with enjoyment and frustrated anger at the stupidness of the characters. Just wondering if I'm the only one who feels this? The first series was OK by finding its feet and establishing characters and it sorta got better as it went...
  13. Biker

    Asking a favour from those on Facebook (pretty please)

    There's a group there called the Chippy shop, basically it's a place for Carpenters to post their work I suppose. I only joined it the other day after an old friend invited me. Anyway they're currently running a solid oak worktop contest that says the winner is the one whose photo of their work...
  14. Biker

    For the woodburner owners amongst us

    NOTE: I DID NOT MAKE THIS! I just stumbled across this handy set up for storing logs and thought it a very clever idea. Here's the link to the website for more info and how to make it. Though I doubt anyone really needs a tutorial for how to make it, it's that simple. Looks like I shall be...
  15. Biker

    D-Day 70th Anniversary at St Mére eglise

    Hi, Something a little different than the usual I camped in the woods, brewed up, got stung, used a leaf for toilet paper, ate a fly but had a great time thread. No offense intended at ANYone posting such things. I love reading as much as the next. I had gone to the 65th D-Day anniversary in...
  16. Biker

    Just read Bob Hoskins has died

    Just logged into my Yahoo email account to read this sad news. Seems he died of pneumonia aged 71. Never met him, didn't know him personally but I did like some of his films. Seemed a genuine type of bloke rather than some poncy lovey who believed his own press releases. Normally celeb deaths...
  17. Biker

    Found some handy little ideas to do whilst at camp

    Some of these are very much American based using ingredients and products from the good ol' US of A but I'm sure they can be adapted to the European market too Liking the toasted Bailey's and marshmallow idea already! and Number 20 really is genius! CLICK HERE for the "Genius Camping Hacks"...
  18. Biker

    My leather Kindle cover

    Hey Folks, it's been a while since I posted here, mostly due to real life taking some bites as well as not having a lot to contribute to be honest. Seems being able to spend time in the workshop just to make something is waaaay down on the list of things to do, plus having a lack of motivation...
  19. Biker

    Heat circulating fan for my "Cabin in the woods"

    Hey folks, I've been busy with real life a fair bit since hitting the shores of the UK, and one of the things I wanted to do was assemble the parts I bought off eBay for a heat circulating fan for my woodburner. Basically a woodburner heats an entire room, or house if it's big enough, but to...
  20. Biker

    Question: Embossing the leather before or after the dying process?

    Dear Hivemind, in particular the leather workers. I've been making a leather cover for my Kindle since The Moot in August. Most of the work got done there and I've changed a few things about it since and I REALLY like it too. The inside is now stained a deep rich brown and looks fantastic. But...